Ukraine Entry: Zlata Ognevich - Gravity

June 08, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Zlata Ognevich, real name Inna Bordiuh, has tried to represent the Ukraine in Eurovision a total of three times. This year she finally got selected. She came fifth in 2009, and 2nd in 2010, this year she won Evrobachennya, Ukraine's national selection. She obviously was eager to represent her country, and in competing so many times, made her known to the fans of Eurovision in the Ukraine. I just hope this isn't the end for her.

"Gravity" was written by Mikhail Nekrasov and Karen Kavaleryan. The song definitely stands out, and it's one of those songs I end up singing along to and I don't realise it. The thing is, I don't think it would've done as well, if that giant, Igor Vovkovinskiy, didn't carry her in during her performance. I was hoping to see the giant in the music video, but there's no sign of him

The Ukraine came 3rd out of 26 countries. 214 points were awarded to Zlata Ognevich. 10 from Lithuania, 12 from Moldova, 10 from Spain, 8 from Belgium, 10 from Estonia, 12 from Belarus, 10 from Malta, 1 from Russia, 12 from Armenia, 5 from the Netherlands, 4 from Romania, 5 from the UK, 7 from Hungary, 3 from Denmark, 3 from Iceland, 12 from Azerbaijan, 8 from Greece, 5 from Italy, 1 from Norway, 8 from Georgia, another 8 from Ireland, 1 from Austria, 12 from Croatia, 10 from Cyprus, another 10 from Serbia, 7 from Latvia, 10 from Bulgaria and another 10 from Israel.

The music video is dream like. It's the sort of place I'd love to live, a place without a care in a world and everything is beautiful around me, guess I'll have to leave that to my dreams rather than searching for a floating bit of land in Space, where I could safely live.

There a narrative and performance piece. The narrative hasn't got an actual story to it, just that she awakens from a metal flower and looks wide-eyed at all the things on this floating piece of land.

There are various performance pieces, which stands out totally. She has such a presence when she sings that you are captured. She is also really beautiful, and I'm not the only one who thinks that, many people have commented on her looks, it may also be another reason why people become captured in her singing.

Various scenes stand out, such as when she is singing in that red dress, and when she is floating in the bubble with diamonds surrounding her. It's such a powerful video, and she didn't even need to do much.

Overall a song I can listen to again and again, but I think there was better songs in the competition this year. The music video is powerful, with the occasional direct translation of the lyrics, what with the birds which are mentioned in the song. however, it's is theatrical and dramatic, and draws many people in.