New Release: Bowie Jane - Bad Boy

July 15, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Bowie Jane first came to my notice when she stumbled across this blog and started talking to me on my Facebook page. Since then she has gone on to promote her singles anywhere and everywhere here in the UK, as well as turning up at Staffordshire University (my university) for a radio interview, where she left me a signed CD of  "Luv Bomb". Since then I have been keeping an eye on her Twitter and Facebook, and found out her third single (the first being "Miss U Hate U") is being released this month. So just for you lot, I have organised an interview with Bowie Jane, and she will become Artist Of The Month for July.

"Bad Boy" was co-written by Bowie Jane and her producer Jason Bond. It's really catchy, and I know I'll be singing it all day today. Especially since I've bought it from iTunes, and I can't stop playing it.

The music video has become one of Bowie Jane's most viewed YouTube videos so far, and those views are only ever going to go up and up and up. It may not be a big budgeted video that well-known artists push out, but as I have proven on this blog over and over again, the simple videos can sometimes be the best, and this is clearly one of them.

It is practically performance based, with Bowie Jane singing in front of a brick wall, but she knows how to perform, and you are engaged right from the start.

Then the slight narrative jumps in with a bunny rabbit, who clearly is the 'Bad Boy'. It is very suggestive and makes this video stand out.

The slight narrative includes various slides which say various things. The first is: "Taylor Swift Admits 'I Knew You Were Trouble' Was A Blast At Harry Styles", and the rabbit just before the words is dressed up as Harry Styles. Next is the rabbit dressed as a golfer with the accompanying headline: "A leopard might change it's spots... but a Tiger doesn't change his stripes", a dig at Tiger Woods obviously. Next is the Hugh Grant and Divine Brown scandal. Afterwards the rabbit has a gas mask on definitely dressed up as Justin Bieber, with "Selena Gomez Throws Gifts Bought By Justin Bieber In The Bin? Bye, bye, bye Bieber....".

Overall a song that is stuck in my head, and one that I will be listening to for years to come. And a music video that makes me laugh, it's enjoyable, it relates to the song, and has everything possible to make it a great video. I can't stop watching, I can't stop listening, this is one song you all need to get now!