Pixie Lott - Lay Me Down

September 08, 2015 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This is definitely one of my favourite Pixie Lott songs along side "Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)" and "Boys and Girls", yet this is her worst chart performance on the UK singles chart, apart from "Caravan of Love", but I think we should all forget about that cover version. A sultry, sexy music video that relates well with the song, but could the video have been better?

Pixie Lott, real name Victoria Lott, needs to pull something out the bag soon. It's been a year since her self-titled third album, and her greatest hits "Platinum Pixie" didn't do well either. I will always be a fan of hers, I just feel the songs that actually mean things to her aren't chart hits. But this one should've been. Written by Ashton Parsons, Matt Parad and Adam Pallin, the song is catchy and exciting, emotional and enticing. Definitely sultry and sexy, hence the video.

Directed by Ben Falk, the video shows Pixie Lott looking hot, slim and sexy. Not a lot is happening, and it isn't much of a performance piece either, what with her just singing and looking attractive and seductive.

The video looks a bit dated, which seemed to be the intent, and most of the budget was probably spent on that yacht in the middle of the ocean.

I think a lead male would've made this video a little more narrative and therefore interesting, but there is a lack of everything. It's like someone with a lot of money has made their own music video, and it doesn't work.
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