Pixie Lott - Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)

September 10, 2015 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Honestly, how have I not reviewed this music video before now? Pixie Lott's debut single and video is the Pixie we all loved. The video is sneaky, cheeky, sexy and on point, how can it not be with this amazing choreography, which was all the range back in 2009, who doesn't remember doing that clap dance on your legs whilst in school?

Pixie Lott, real name Victoria Lott, has got three UK number ones under her belt, this one, "Boys and Girls" and "All About Tonight". It's been a while since she's been anywhere near the top spot, she needs something new, fresh and exciting. Something people will like and something that revisits her first two singles. Written by Mads Hauge and Phil Thornalley, this is the song that made me a fan of Pixie Lott. The song is still catchy today, and she sings about sneaking out of the house and meeting up with a guy and what her parents would do if they ever found out.

The video contains everything, it's chaotic and hectic yet absolutely perfect, Trudy Bellinger did a good job directing this.

First is the bed scene, works well as it's a way of sneaking out, almost as if Pixie Lott escapes to some dream world, the feathers, the mattresses, the bedding, so fantastical. I liked the little inclusion of the metaphorical black butterflies from the lyrics appearing in the video

Next the bed leads to a locker room, always known as a prep room, it always precedes something important, such as a workout in a gym, a swim in a pool, any sport activity from football to tennis. The girls prep for what is about to come. The styling is great, the red outfit for Pixie Lott suggests she's being naughty, compared to the good girl innocence in her bed.

They enter the dance arena where the guys pull up on Ducati motorcycles. Pixie Lott squares up to the leader of the guys (anyone know who he is, please tell below), and start the dance battle. It reminds me of the start of a basketball game. The dance off is sexual and concise, clearly a lot of practise went into this choreography, and it paid off, come on Pixie Lott, show off your dance ability in a new music video.

The dance off is won by the girls with a backhand to the lead male from Pixie Lott who then rides a motorcycle back to her bed, before her parents find out. The sneaking around reminds me a lot of Christina Milian's "Am to Pm". This is what Pixie Lott is missing, and she needs to make a new impact when she next returns to music.
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