New Release: RHODES + Birdy - Let It All Go

11 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

As soon as I heard this track was released this week, I HAD to review this music video. I came across it on YouTube after searching for Birdy's "Wings" song, and I saw the colourful thumbnail and knew this was going to be on my blog at one point. Colourful and on point the video shows the passion that isn't displayed in a narrative.

RHODES, real name David Rhodes, has appeared out of no where, amongst others who seem popular from London Grammar to Rufus Wainwright, from Laura Marling to Daughter, this style of music is really making an impact on the charts, and this collaboration is definitely going to further his career. Birdy, real name Jasmine van der Bogaerde has had a string of hits in the UK, mostly known for "Skinny Love" and most recently "Wings", she has yet to get a top five hit, although with a voice like hers, and the right collaboration or song, she will, most definitely, hit the top spot. At the moment she has yet to make the impact that we're all expecting from her.

Directed by Sing J. Lee, the video engages with the colourful forest and the use of the northern/southern lights used in the sky. I like the camera work on it, if only there were a forest like that, which were sunny, clearly it's cold with what they are wearing.

Birdy fails to perform, she looks like she's just singing and uncomfortably makes you wonder if you want to see her live, he vocal range is phenomenal, but I want more from her, especially in a music video.

Surprisingly RHODES stands out compared, and definitely becomes the star of the video. His voice travels across well, but it's his performance piece that makes you realise he means what he is singing.

Overall, great use of colour, I want to visit this forest, if only it was real. RHODES outshines Birdy, and yet there's just something completely lacking in the video on the whole.
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