Steve Grand - Time

September 06, 2015 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I thought I'd continue on from Troye Sivan's "Wild" with Steve Grand's most recent single, which actually displays a gay kissing scene. Full of emotion with a full narration that keeps us engaged. What more can we ask for from a Steve Grand music video?

Steve Grand has recently been in the media as he has accepted Marine Tanner White's invitation as his date to the 2015 Marine Corps Ball on YouTube. Steve Grand first came to my attention in one of my magazines after "All-American Boy" became popular. Since then I have followed his career and he is such a genuinely nice guy, I can't wait to see where his career takes him.

This music video is exactly what I'm looking for, Perfect narrative, and an emotional performance. Although the video seems low budget, it contains everything I want.

The narrative follows Steve Grand as he tries to work out when the next train is. When he asks, he finds out he's got two hours until the next one. The guy, played by Daniel Williams, offers to grab food with him, which leads to their first date. If only we all could find a guy at the train station.

They get into a relationship and it goes as far as them moving in together. But then his on screen boyfriend is seen talking to another lad, where it ends in a break-up. We then learn it was all in his mind, and it's his negativity that put the scene in his head, just like we all have. But my mind always has a happy ending, and my reality doesn't, especially lately.

The performance side is emotional and full of feeling. Seeing Steve Grand live is a dream of mine, I could imagine it would be quite a performance.

The real question is whether he actually caught the train? Well, along with: Is the guy he's catching food with gay or straight or bi? And, do they have a happy ending? We all want a happy ending don't we? Love this video, and cannot wait for Steve Grand's next music video, and I want new music soon! Don't let me down Steve Grand!
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