Sam Callahan - Bigger Things

November 29, 2015 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Sam Callahan is back with a rockier sound, which is totally working for him. He has been going for a number of years, he appeared in some of my gay magazines which is where I spotted him, he became my Artist of the Month back in February 2013. He then went on The X Factor, and gained more fans to add to his Callafan army, who have supported him a lot. This is Sam Callahan's first release since finishing The X Factor, he looks cool and calm, with and emotional vocals and a perfect narrative video to accompany the song.

Sam Callahan has finally released his EP today, and this is the lead single from it. He previously released "Runaway Train" and "Crazy" which are no longer available on iTunes. He's rendition of "We'll Be Coming Back" is still one of my all-time favourite covers ever sung. I really do hope the best for his career, however I'm disappointed in his team for releasing this song on a SUNDAY! Are they not aware that New Music Fridays (NMF) has come in, where singles are released on a Friday, and that the chart is also released on a Friday to coincide with the NMF. The chances of this charting is little to none, and the iTunes chart proves this too, as he isn't anywhere near the top 1000, let alone the top 100. And the very little amount of YouTube views of his music video also shows how many people know about his EP. He's been promoting the song through school gigs, but this is clearly not working. He needs to up his promotion if he wants a good chance in the music industry. I really hope he doesn't fall like all the previous X Factor stars. I know he has the vocals and the star power to do it, he just needs more promotion, and a perfect song like "We'll Be Coming Back".

This is directed by Harvey Lewis, the narrative features a guy and a girl (Joe Ashman and Grace Walsh respectively) who are in a relationship that is rocky at best. It reminds me of Aylar Lie's relationship with Lucas Thorheim in Basshunter's "Now You're Gone" and "All I Ever Wanted".

They go away on a beach holiday and they're all loved up, but it soon ends with her being upset that some girl is texting him. They meet up once again and hug and say that they love each other. A typical relationship story, that works really well with the song.

Disappointingly Sam Callahan lets the whole thing down, he appears in some of the scenes singing the song, much like Basshunter appeared in his two videos. Sam Callahan, however, doesn't make me want to see him live, which is a slight surprise since he's nailed all his previous performance scenes in his previous music videos. Is this song something he hasn't got his heart in? Or is there something else we don't know? Fingers crossed his second music video is better (that's if he continues to release music). Personally, I think it's his time, he just needs that hit song, to get everyone talking.
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