David Guetta Featuring Emeli Sandé - What I Did For Love

December 01, 2015 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I've had this song stuck in my head all day, so naturally I would review it. It's great to hear Emeli Sandé's voice again, we're all awaiting for new songs by her, radio is missing her voice, and with her killer vocals, anything she releases is going to be amazing. Surprisingly enough, this song is still being played on the music channels. David Guetta and Emeli Sandé doesn't appear in this video, yet their animated characters are wonderfully different and could possibly give people nightmares, that monkey is risking his life for love, and it totally was worth it.

David Guetta, real name Pierre David Guetta, is a Frech DJ who has had global success. He's got six UK number ones behind him, and I can definitely see him gaining a lot more in the future. As for Emeli Sandé, who is from Scotland, she has had two number one singles, both of which are collaborations. She has had four solo singles enter the top five, she just needs to hit the top spot, which may be the reason why she is taking her time for her next album, as her first single need to be a massive hit. I'm sure she can get her first solo number one. This song only got to number six and was written by David Guetta, Giorgio Tuinfort, Breyan Stanley Isaac, Jason Evigan, Sam Martin and Sean Douglas.

This video is apparently a tribute to Cadbury's Milk Tray Man, surprisingly I vaguely remember these adverts on TV, but didn't connect the video with it until after researching it. Cadbury's is looking for a new milk tray man apparently, who will undoubtedly be revealed next year. The adverts were based around James Bond, in which the tray man delivered a box of chocolates to a woman, through verifying stunts.

Not only does the colours, in this animated video, correlate to Cadbury's, but the gorilla saves the woman every time she is in danger, until they end up asleep together in a cuddle. He reminds me of a bit of King Kong, especially since he catches her in his hand.

Personally, I don't think there's much to this video, and perhaps it was more of a promotional video rather than an actual music video. However an actual music video never materialised and therefore we were left with this. I love the narrative, although I think she is selfish, as it reminds me of Bruno Mars' "Grenade", she definitely wouldn't have done the same for that monkey.
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