Anya - Fool Me

January 26, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This song randomly played on my phone as I have it on my iTunes as part of a compilation CD. It is probably one of my favourite songs, and was definitely stuck in my head all day. The song on my phone, however is a remix version, which definitely sounds better overall. Anya looks sexy and provocative in this flaunty music video, attempting to lure in the gorgeous model that is in the video. I wouldn't mind a piece of that!

Anya, real name Anya Marian, is a Romanian artist, this is her biggest hit to date, with it being very popular in clubs across the world. Her single "Celebrate" is also popular. She has an extensive collection on iTunes and it looks like she has recently released a single. She is one of many Romanian artists attempting to break into the music industry, and only the best of them make it. Yet, I'm sure she can do it with this voice. She just has to keep batting out tune after tune and she will get exactly where she needs to be. I have every faith in Anya, I know she can become a mainstream success.

The music video isn't much. It's very simple and it's clearly low budget, and yet we don't need fancy settings, we don't need a lot of hype, we don't need amazing extras. All we need is this beautiful singer and her very sexy model friend.

It links in perfectly with the song which is about fooling her for the day, letting a guy into her heart, or into her bed. I know that feeling, it's probably why the song connects with me a lot. I've had a lot of guys fool me in the past, and I do end up letting them. I just want a few more to fool me before I'm completely finished.

The video is good, nothing amazing, but nothing too simple. Would've totally liked to have seen the guy with his shirt off, I know he takes it off, but we only see his back, slightly disappointing, but I guess it's all part of the video in fooling us. Making us want something we can't have. Anya proves she is a little tease with this great music video.
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