Chart Mondays: Snakehips Featuring Tinashe & Chance The Rapper - All My Friends

January 25, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

It's Monday, so that means I look at the UK chart top 10, and with Shawn Mendes at number one with "Stitches" after knocking off Justin Bieber's "Love Myself", I haven't got much choice for Chart Mondays. Only two options were available, and so I went with this one as I haven't heard the song or seen the video. Tinashe looks like a spoilt princess high on the top of a building looking out on the cityscape, while she's pretty and perfect, her friends are all down below getting wasted whilst queuing for a club with Chance The Rapper.

Snakehips are an electronic duo consisting of Oliver Lee and James Carter. They previously released a single with Sinead Harnett called "Days With You". They are up and coming and this single has scored their first UK top 10 single. I can't wait to see where they will go next, the journey for Snakehips has only just started! Collaborating with Tinashe, real name Tinashe Kachingwe, is probably one of the most versatile vocalists in the music industry at the moment, some of her songs I love "All Hands On Deck" for one, and then others I'm not as into. I think she is going to be one to watch this year, for sure. As for Chance The Rapper, real name Chancelor Bennett has had bits of fame over here in the UK, but it's only on featured singles, with this one being his highest charting single to date. Personally I don't think he has a chance as a credible charting rapper, like what's with the name, for starters? We all used to laugh at the terrible stage name whenever Justin Bieber's "Confident" appeared on the music channels. And I'm sure this song charting so highly won't help him all that much in becoming a success. Maybe that's all he wants though. The song was written by Snakehips, Cass Lowe and Chance The Rapper.

The video was directed by Mister Whitmore. The video is not as exciting as I was hoping it would be.

The start is engaging, it makes you wonder what is at the top of the steps, and yes there's a beautiful cityscape and Tinashe is sitting prettily at the top, but it wasn't anything amazing.

The camera man continues to act quite drunk throughout the video as it moves in funny ways. It must have drank the other half of the bottle that Chance The Rapper was drinking in the line. The camera man gets even worse towards the end. It really looks like Tinashe is the only sober one.

I love seeing young love, many couples are kissing, and yet it makes me feel needy. I remember those days, I haven't had many of them, but one or two is enough to make me dream of the next one. Maybe I'll get lucky on my birthday, or maybe I won't.

Overall a compact music video if you consider all the stupid camera angles used throughout and the motions. Tinashe looks good, yet she looks like she's looking down on people who go out and drink, or queue to get into clubs. Chance The Rapper is just drunk, easy to relate but nothing worth watching. The queue and the bouncer is interesting, and yet the queue doesn't move either. There really isn't a lot to like about this video.
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