Boyce Avenue - On My Way

January 17, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This is one of my all-time favourite songs, it's vocally authentic, and just beautiful to listen to. Boyce Avenue replied to my tweet yesterday, the tweet in question can be found below. Boyce Avenue perform at the remains of a wedding, Alejandro Manzano emotional vocal announces he is waiting for his girl, he's on her way to finding her, but she hasn't come into his life yet.

Boyce Avenue are a three piece band consisting of Alejandro Manzano, Fabian Manzano and Daniel Manzano. The drummer seen in the video is Jason Burrows. The band are well known on YouTube as a cover band, they release videos of them singing other people's songs in amazing acoustic versions. They totally flip the song on it's head and fill it with so much emotion that half the time I don't recognise the song. They then release their cover versions on iTunes, which I inevitably buy. I am in love with this band and their songs, and I hope they continue, as I definitely want to see them live. This song was written and composed by Alejandro Manzano. Full with emotion, I swear it made me cry the first time I heard it. Everyone can relate in one way or another, it's just stunning.

This was directed by Mark Staubach. A pure performance piece that makes me want to see Boyce Avenue at a gig, an intimate gig would be even better. They are one of those treasures that people come across, that will never be popular and get a number one record because they aren't promoted enough, however they would certainly start getting chart hits as they build up their fan base and release more songs.

I love the setting, it's like they've set up a wedding to which the bride didn't turn up for and the guests have all left. Alejandro Manzano sings about this girl, who he's on his way to see, he describes life as everyone eventually comes across the person they are meant to be with, even though they've missed so much of that person's life already they don't want to miss any more. This is love and this is what he is singing and performing about, and this is what we are all seeking if we haven't found it already.

The ending where he picks up the ring and announce he is on his way, is adorable. The fact he already has the ring suggests a family heirloom or something of the sort. Such a powerful ending, and a song we all want to sing to our future lovers, because we are all on our way to them.
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