Iggy Azalea Featuring Charli XCX - Fancy

January 24, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I knew one day I'd have to review an Iggy Azalea music video, and to be honest I've been dreading it, because they are so perfect and amazing and well thought out, that I'm going to have to write a lot about it because she packs a lot into just a music video. Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX transform themselves into Clueless characters, with enough sass to remake the whole entire film, the girls pay the perfect homage to Clueless.

Iggy Azalea, real name Amethyst Kelly, got her stage name from her pet dog she used to own called Iggy, the last name came from the street that her family grew up on, only because her grandfather told her she can't have a one-word stage name. Now she's a household name, hits across the globe, number ones here there and everywhere, there is no stopping this girl. She is on fire, and she isn't going to stop. Charli XCX isn't far behind Iggy Azalea, also becoming very mainstream. Her real name is Charlotte Aitchison. However her music is more like dirbs and drabs as it jumps in and out of the UK chart as well as other worldwide charts. Will she ever establish herself on the UK charts officially? Or will she always not quite make the cut? Fancy was written by Amethyst Amelia Kelly, Charlotte Aitchison, George Astasio, Jason Pebworth, Jon Mills, Jonathan Christopher Shave and Kurtis McKenzie.

The song will always hold a significant reference to me. After my Grandfather passed away, me and my family spent time clearing out his bungalow in Devon. My brother and I had to return home early, and we played this in my brother's car. As we were singing along to it, we changed the lyrics from "LA to Tokyo" to "Devon to Birmingham", as that was where we were going. I will always think of that day whenever I hear this song.

Directed by Director X, the music video is inspired by the 1995 movie Clueless, which I still haven't watched... I think I need to get around to watching the film sometime soon.

The music video is set in the same place as the film is set in, which is Los Angeles' Grant High School. It has been used in many films and TV shows including "Ball of Fury", "CSI: Miami", "True Blood" and "Not Another Teen Movie". It has also been the set in many music videos.

Iggy Azalea plays Cher Horowitz and Charli XCX plays Tai Frasier. This would make sense to me if I had seen the movie Clueless, but I haven't, not yet anyway.

I love everything about this video, I like how the scenes replicate some iconic scenes in Clueless, apparently. The video shows that Iggy Azalea can dance, much to her not-so-keen interest in dancing, as we know from talk about her collaboration with Britney Spears for "Pretty Girls".

Overall, a great music video that has updated iconic scenes from the film Clueless, these include the digital wardrobe that is on her iPad, the debate scene, where Iggy Azalea is wearing her chosen outfit, which is totally more updated than what Cher is wearing, exuding sex appeal. Lunch time is an exact replica as well as the highway during a driving lesson. The party scene is totally upgraded with on point choreography, and sexy outfits. The sport scene ensemble is good inspiration, and Iggy Azalea once again proves she isn't as bad as a dancer as she makes out to be. The classroom scene is on point including the whatever sign. Is there nothing they missed out? If you're looking for a perfect music video I will always recommend Iggy Azalea's music videos, she thinks of everything and hits top marks every time!
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