Justin Bieber Featuring Ludacris - Baby

21 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I haven't seen this music video in some time, and Justin Bieber has quite the baby face! I am reviewing this music video for my Thursday Revisit, as I previously reviewed Justin Bieber's "Purpose: The Movement" collection of promotional videos for his most recent album. Justin Bieber's first top ten hit here in the UK, he makes a fool of himself in the video, ever heard of coming on way too strong? Whatever happened to playing it cool? And stupid girl gave in in the end.

Justin Bieber started at just 16, but he looks like he's 13 with that baby face. This was his first big hit around the world, but as we all know, he improved as he got older, and he just got hit after hit after hit. This song was written by Justin Bieber, Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, Terius "The-Dream" Nash, Christopher Bridges (Ludacris) and Christina Milian. Who knew the latter was a co-writer to this song? Christina Milian was, at the time, The-Dream's wife. The song is catchy, and it's not a surprise it charted so well worldwide. Justin Bieber surprises us all as his vocals are pretty much perfect on this track, especially since this isn't an easy song to sing.

The music video was directed by Ray Kay. The video features Jasmine Villegas also known as Jasmine V, as Justin Bieber's love interest, as well as various stars who are Drake, Lil Twist and Tinashe. The Rangers are a part of the dance crew.

Justin Bieber just doesn't know when to give in. Jasmine V plays hard to get, and at the very start it's clear she isn't interested, and yet Justin Bieber doesn't leave her alone. He shows off way too much, enough to put me off from the first second.

His dancing isn't the best. The choreography isn't outstanding, yet when performed, it works. However Justin Bieber fails to convey the moves properly, even though he nails the sequences, he is focusing so hard on getting the moves right, that he isn't even looking at his love interest at all. Jasmine V, you should've stayed away, he wouldn't ever be dancing with you, he'll be too busy trying to look good on the dance floor. As for Jasmine V, she rarely danced in this video, and when she does it's short snapshots, she obviously didn't nail the choreography as well as her other dancers.

Performance wise, Justin Bieber doesn't make me want to see him live. There's no passion behind what he is singing, and yet again he attempts to show off by making up some freestyle moves that fails to keep me interested. Ludacris attempts to have fun, but there's no pulling back this video on the performance side.

Overall, I liked this idea of this all taking place at a bowling alley. But this is just too much for me. Justin Bieber comes across way too strong for my liking, and his dancing may be on point, but he is focusing too hard on the steps.
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