New Release: Sneakbo Featuring MoStack & J Spades - Right Now

22 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

As soon as I saw the thumbnail for this video, I did my very best to find another new release music video, however I couldn't find one, and so had to resort to this. First time watching this video, and first time I have heard this song, and this is quite the tune, which I was not expecting. Sneakbo, MoStack and J Spades release a great song that even has me liking this rap, the video takes place on a car park.

Sneakbo, real name Agassi Odusina, has had a few charting hits in the past. He has had a few legal disputes in the past too, but he's attempting to redeem himself. This song was first uploaded online in September, it has had a make-over with some other artists providing a verse each, and Sneakbo starts the new year with a song that is deserving of a charting hit! The song features MoStack, who is up and coming, he nails this verse in this song, making me want to listen to more of his songs. As for J Spades, I am not so sure, I lost interest when he started rapping, eager to hear the chorus again. A great song, that I hope charts somewhere in the UK chart, however I don't see that happening, and this might just be one of those great rap songs that never becomes popular although it definitely deserves to be.

The music video was directed by Jay Vertex. Set in a car park, there isn't a lot to comment on.

The rapping is on point, and the performance piece of the video is very relaxed. Nothing too over the top, but nothing to wow us. It felt like we were taken back to the streets, where rapping was done in a group, and rap battles was common in music videos. This worked well, although I don't understand the women behind. It would've worked better without them as they don't add anything to the video.

The various other scenes to do with the car park are interesting. The bikers / cyclists riding around makes this feel more real and goes with the relaxing vibes we are given from the performance piece. What helps the most is the car scene. The Ferrari looks stylish and with the guy sitting on the bonnet while it's moving just looks natural. Come on, we have to admit that we want to do that one day.

The ending is surreal. It's out of context, doesn't make sense and yet brings our attention right back around. Sneakbo turns into a cat. Like seriously... When did that happen? And how? No links, but cats are relaxing creatures. And relaxing is all what this video is about.

Overall, an amazing rap song that should so chart on Friday, although I don't see it happening, especially with a Monday release date. The music video is not amazing, by any standards, but it doesn't disappoint, that's for sure. I'm not too keen on the ghostly tone used throughout the video, it distracts from the entire visual.
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