New Release: Steve Grand - We Are The Night (Dave Audé Remix)

19 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I have been waiting and waiting for the next Steve Grand music video and here it is, finally and I am so not disappointed. One of my favourite songs off his debut album and not only has it finally been released as a single, had a music video released too, but it has also been remixed by no other than Dave Audé. I woke up this morning thinking I was still dreaming as an alert came through on my phone announcing my future husband (I wish) has released his new music video, I literally screamed. Can Steve Grand look any more hotter? Gorgeous, sexy and totally fit, Steve Grand looksstunning in this video for his most uplifting song on his album, which has been remixed by Dave Audé who has elevated the track even more.

Steve Grand is my favourite male singer in the world, he is such an inspiration to a lot of LGBT+ people out there. He was formerly a model, the money of which he used to further his career as a singer. He has been knocked down time and time again for his looks, his choices of clothes, as well as his past. But if we were him we would have done the exact same thing, besides who doesn't flaunt themselves in one way or another? He created a kickstarter campaign to record and release his debut album. Which not only smashed his target but became the number one most-funded Kickstarter music project among musicians who have never been affiliated with a label. He had 4,905 backers who pledged a total of $326,593. Quite the achievement. Steve Grand has been working on this album for a number of years, and every single track is worthy of being an actual single. This is the fifth single from the album, and possibly the last one as it is a remix, although I really wish "Soaking Wet" would be released, imagine the music video to that song! That song will forever become a single that never was. This song was written by Steve Grand, along with the rest of his awesome album. This is the one song that shows off his amazing vocals, he totally proves that this is the career for him. I cannot wait to hear new music from him, and I think Dave Audé should remix his entire album, as he has done a great job on this one.

Directed by John Lavin, this music video is beautiful. It's one that I definitely won't be forgetting, it's artistically brilliant. Everything has come together for this music video.

First off I want to talk about Steve Grand's jacket. I first spotted it on one of his Instagram posts, he obviously was recording the music video at the time, and it was love at first sight. This jacket would go with everything I've got, I need it in my life, and yet I know I have no chance of getting it, plus the price range would be so out of my league, so is Steve Grand for that matter, yet the jacket and Steve Grand are welcome to continue to appear in my dreams tauntingly. If anyone sees an affordable red jacket just like he is wearing in this music video, please direct me to a place where I can buy it from.

The narrative is interesting. Following different people in their lives, obviously listening to this song and finding it an inspiration. This is what Steve Grand is. He uses music to inspire LGBT+ people, if I he had been releasing music when I was younger, I would've had the confidence to come out earlier, I would've looked up to him as my inspiration, if he can do it and go through everything he did with it, then coming out of the closet is no big deal. He is not only an inspiration, but a supporter, with no prejudice, he is a fighter, one we can all look up to.

The performance piece is spot on. Steve Grand looks ultra-sexy in that red jacket that I so need in my life. He looks gorgeous as he walks towards the camera in his white tee. He lets loose and he wants to show that we are free. He puts so much effort into his performance, you can tell that this song means the world to him, it's so personal in a non-relationship kind of way. This is my anthem for LGBT+ people, it's the song I use to uplift myself, I used to use the album version of the song, which is amazing, but this dance remix by Dave Audé is even better. I shall be dancing my way into work from now on, nothing will get me down when this amazing song is around. We are the night.

Overall a brilliant song, that is so meaningful and utterly inspiring, everyone needs to hear this! The remix is good in it's own right, it doesn't change Steve Grand's emotions on the track one bit, yet makes it available to be played in clubs and at parties, which is exactly what I've been waiting for, thank you Dave Audé. The music video is fully relatable and it is next to perfection. I love the actors used, who are Tiaday Ball, Jay Jay German III, Jason Greene and Johnny Liner. The only problem could be the dancers, although they are diverse and are all in-sync, I felt the choreography could've been better. It was performed okay too, it wasn't stand out and it wasn't full of emotions for the song, it just didn't relate to the song and more related to the beat, it felt slightly out of place. But that is nitpicking, and I can't drop a star because of it, as this is perfect from start to end. Thank you for this video John Lavin, thank you Steve Grand for the empowering song and thank you Dave Audé for the remix! I needed this in my life, all I need now is that jacket.
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