LuvBug Featuring Talay Riley - Resonanace

April 12, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

LuvBug was the first act announced for Birmingham Pride 2016 on 7th April, along with a few others to complete their lineup, and I literally screamed as I am in love with their new song "Best Is Yet To Come", which is released Friday, and will most likely chart highly the following week, hence why I haven't reviewed it today, since it will either be reviewed as my New Release or as my Chart Mondays not next week but the week after. So instead I chose their first song, which my brother actually discovered it months before I did. LuvBug hit the dancefloors hard with this tune, and the narrative is fully emotional, and shows that bad people come into good people's lives.

LuvBug are a three piece producing group consisting of Marvin Humes, The White N3rd and JKAY. All three are well-known singularly, the former is known from JLS, the second has worked with a lot of different artists and is definitely currently hitting the music scene hard, the latter has been making a few waves on SoundCloud. Collectively, LuvBug is an unstoppable force, with two singles peaking in the UK top 20, this song and "Revive (Say Something)", however their most recent single is definitely their best yet and will undoubtedly chart in the top ten, if not higher. Watch out for "Best Is Yet To Come". Featuring on this track is Talay Riley, mostly known for collaborating with Chipmunk on "Look For Me", he is just attempting to start his career and it's off to a good start. This song was written by Talay Riley, Marvin Humes and Aaron Cowan.

Directed by Rob Chiu, the video is a pure narrative piece. Featuring two girls and a guy, their names are unknown, so if you know who the actors and actresses are, please comment below.

The start shows an argument, a falling out between a couple, it wasn't until I saw the end that I realised they were searching for something.

A couple are vacating amongst beautiful scenery, camping in their camper van, just the two of them, when a hitch hiker is spotted and joins them on their travels. A straight guy's wet dream, surely. These two girls couldn't be any more different, tattoos and hair colour is a clear distinction, and jealousy from the girlfriend is totally expected.

What I don't expect is the ending where the hitch hiker screws over the couple completely.

Such a summer song with a summery video, that definitely enforces stranger danger on children, and proves to us all that people use others no matter what gender. Bad people come into the lives of good people, and it all depends how it is dealt with. Can't wait to see LuvBug on stage at Birmingham Pride 2016.
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