Lawson - Taking Over Me

April 13, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I actually cannot believe that Birmingham Pride 2016 managed to book Lawson! They are one of the big headliners this year, and although they have yet to have a number one, they've had hit after hit after hit. Although I'm not a big fan of them, and I have never bought their music, I have considered it when they released their first single "When She Was Mine" and I thought about it again after the amazingly catchy "Juliet". Lawson has always released great music, they just need a song people would identify them with, as I don't think they've had that sort of hit just yet. Lawson seeks out a motel to perform in front of as well as spend the night with their respective girlfriends or hookups.

Lawson are a four piece band consisting of Andy Brown, Ryan Fletcher, Joel Peat and Adam Pitts. They recently released a new single called "Money", although I didn't review it today, I may return at a later date, probably after Birmingham Pride 2016 where they will undoubtedly perform it, and review the music video. This single is their biggest hit to date, alongside "Juliet", both of which charted at number three. This song was written by Andy Brown and John Shanks.

Directed by Oliver Collins, the video is mainly a performance based video, with snippets of a narrative that fails to keep us entertained.

The narrative is typical, something we've seen plenty of times before. Andy Brown plays the lead as he goes to meet up with the guys at a motel, and perform their song. They are accompanied with four love interests, who they retire with at the end of the night.

The four actresses are Chelsea Turnbo, Melissa Jones, Kat McCleary and Lexi Johnston. Chelsea Turnbo is the only prominent one in the video, as she is in most of the scenes with Andy Brown playing his on-screen girlfriend.

Performance side of things are average, I don't feel any great vibes from this group in this video, it feels too relaxed, as if they've sung this song a million times before and it's nothing new from them. I am really hoping they bring much more energy at Birmingham Pride!

Overall, this video as a whole is very average. There's nothing outstanding, the narrative is typical and we've seen it plenty of times before, I also feel it doesn't relate to the song all that much. The performance side isn't anything exciting, it's quite bland and fails to engage me.
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