Riton Featuring Kah-Lo - Rinse & Repeat

April 05, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I have to admit, I thought there was more to this video than first meet the eye, but let's be honest this is crazily weird, although definitely rinsing and repeating. Riton has been confirmed for Birmingham Pride 2016. This song is currently in the charts and has become his most successful song to date. Kah-Lo is sitting completely still as this video is rinsed and repeated just like the song suggests, with amazing beats in the background thanks to Riton.

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Posted by Birmingham Pride on Thursday, 17 March 2016
Riton, real name Henry Smithson, has been attempting to hit the music industry with various different names and projects, finally he has released a hit song that charted well here in the UK. Riton is French slang for Henry, hence the name. He has worked with a number of acts and DJ's some of which spawned their own project. Now he's on to a winner with this song, he just needs to follow up with a successful second single. Kah-Lo is the feature. She's probably one of the ones to watch in the coming years, she won't hit it big straight away, but a few more features and she'll blow up the charts. She'll follow in the footsteps of Becky Hill, has a good voice, gets a few hits, but doesn't quite get the solo hits she deserves. Kah-Lo needs to ride this wave, and then take control of it, otherwise she will sink in this industry. This song is catchy for reasons I don't even know why, basic lyrics, a simple upbeat tempo, yet it easily gets stuck in my head.

Directed by Dan Streit and Dillon Moore, it reminds me of exactly what happens in a club. At the start, everyone is at the bar or in the smoking area, but as more and more alcohol is consumed, people become confident and end up on the dancefloor, then the dancing becomes quite wild towards the end of the night.

This is a simple rinse and repeat situation, at first glance we are watching the same scene over and over again, only the characters become more and more wild, apart from Kah-Lo who is very still to say the least.

It's surprising to see the big change. Compare the very first scene to the last one, and you have total different people in this music video. Yet you don't really realise as it gradually builds up, one girl even gets up on the pool table at the end.

The character change shows how alcohol and amazing music can make people confident. Confident people get the things they want out of life because they go for it. But being drunk doesn't make you confident, confidence comes from within, the only reason you get confident when you're drinking is because you start to not care about perspectives.

The video is great for analysing character and people, since it is a true representation of what happens in clubs, however it fails to interest the viewers watching, and it's mainly the song that makes everyone use the replay button. Rinse & Repeat the song all you want, it won't make the music video any better. Relatable to an extent, and technically great, but this just doesn't do anything for the viewers.
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