Azerbaijan Entry: Samra - Miracle

May 21, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

My Eurovision 2016 Special continues with Azerbaijan, who has been sending amazing acts over and over again, especially after their win in 2011. This placed 17th in the Eurovision Song Contest with a respectable 117 points. Samra sings her heart out in this catchy song, full of emotion, she clearly means every word in this video for Miracle.

Samra, full name Samra Rahimli, first ventured into the music industry by appearing on O Ses Türkiye (The Voice of Turkey) where she got to the quarter finals in 2015. She next appeared on Səs Azərbaycan (The Voice of Azerbaijan).where she became a finalist. She was chosen by internal selection to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Her vocals are stunning on this track, and I so hope she continues to release music because I definitely want to buy her future releases. The song was written by Amir Aly, Jakob "Jakke" Erixson, Henrik Wikström and Dom Amir.

The music video is a pure performance-based video, without much special effects apart from strobe lighting, which doesn't help to intrigue the audience all that much.

What does capture our attention is Samra's amazing acting, she has totally connected to the track. Although she didn't write it, the song has meaning to her.

The strobe lighting emphasises the chorus, it doesn't relate unless miracles come in beaming lights.

There's nothing else to this music video. Samra reminds me of me, if I could actually sing, I mean. Literally, I'd be singing into that microphone and I'd be giving the song all I've got, every hand movement and emotional face used at the artful moment in the lyrics. Samra does the exact same thing. She's singing this song to someone and boy does she mean business! I hope she gets to released more singles and hopefully an album, because this is one voice I want to hear more of.
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