Norway Entry: Agnete - Icebreaker

May 18, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Agnete shocked us all in the second Semi-Final with this song. This is my next review for my Eurovision 2016 Special, and boy is this a catchy song, or two. The song changes beat and pace during the chorus, suggesting two different songs have been put together, awkwardly interesting, this should've have made the final, especially with Agnete's amazing voice. Being an icebreaker and destroying the mould of regular pop songs, Agnete is a powerhouse in this performance music video.

Agnete, full name Agnete Johnson, is famously known as the lead singer of The BlackSheeps, who won Melodi Grand Prix Junior 2008, where their song "Oro jaska, beana" shot to number one on the Norway chart. They then competed in Melodi Grand Prix 2011, where they came second. They went their separate ways later in the year. In 2014 she took part in Skal Vi Danse? (the Norwegian version of Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing With The Stars), in which she won. She then went on to compete in Melodi Grand Prix 2016, which she also won. Unfortunately she only got 63 points in the second Semi-Final, however following the soon-to-be winner, Ukraine's Jamala, was obviously not the easiest thing to do. However with a voice like Agnete's and a clear passion to make it in the music industry, I'm sure this won't be the last time we've heard from Agnete. This song was written by Agnete Johnson, Gabriel Alares and Ian Curnow.

Directed by Elle Marja Eira, the video is a simple performance piece. Agnete is dressed all in white, fading into the ground which is definitely a beautiful icy landscape.

There is a few intercutted scenes that include a dancer. not quite freestyling to the lyrics. Definitely contemporary dancing that intricately links well with the song.

The snowy theme captures the icy lyrics of Icebreaker. Agnete's strong vocals are followed by an equally strong performance that was definitely replicated during the second Semi-Final, but with Jamala singing "1944" just before Agnete, this one was bound to look unemotional.

Overall an average music video for this song, with not much going on. Regardless, it's effortless and beautiful, much like Agnete. This impacts the music industry as a whole. This song is definitely the first of many that will be slaying the charts in the future. Agnete may just be ahead of her time.
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