Big Brovaz - Baby Boy

17 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

2003 brought the battle of the Baby Boy's. Big Brovaz released this one in September, then a month later Beyoncé dropped her own "Baby Boy". This is the one key moment I remember two songs being in the chart with the same name at the same time. Beyoncé peaked at number two in October, whilst Big Brovaz was still in the chart at number 11. They peaked at number four, suggesting that Beyoncé won the chart number battle. Quite different from their debut single, this ballad song still included rap lyrics complimenting the soulful harmonies from the girls. Big Brovaz recreate hit TV show Friends in this stunning and hilarious music video for Baby Boy.

Whether Big Brovaz will be actually making a full-on comeback is something that is pretty debatable. Personally, I think they should, but it's doubtful, with one of them saying that they're only reforming to perform. They will be at The Nightingale Club in under two weeks time in Birmingham, and I can't wait to see them. The group, at the time, consisted of Cherise Roberts, Nadia Shepherd, Dion Howell, John Paul Horsley (J-Rock), Tayo Aisida (Flawless) and Randy Jackson. They released a string of hit singles and a hit album, but as they geared up to releasing their second album, they weren't doing quite so well. This song was the fourth single, and was written by Cherise Roberts, Nadia Shepherd, J-Rock, Randy Jackson and Dion Howell.

Directed by Vaughan Arnell, the video is a direct parody of hit TV series Friends. Introducing each of the group members, similar to their first song "Nu Flow" yet making it much more clearer in the video rather than the song.

So much thought went into this, it seems like a very short Friends episode created in a comedic way. Constant problems occur, which is something we obviously expected. What we didn't was the title screen.

Yes! They created a title sequence similar to the Friends' title sequence. Which then becomes the performance piece of the music video. Unfortunately, it's just them siting on the couch, nothing exciting and no vibes coming from them. This peaceful song with a great narrative loses all energy during the performance scene.

However, that scene can be overlooked as it's not included much. Overall, it works well, and it is totally sweet, but I feel the video doesn't really match the beats and the rhythm of the music, although it does translate the lyrics well. So I guess Beyoncé also wins the battle of the music videos with her "Baby Boy".
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