Big Brovaz - OK

24 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Big Brovaz will be performing at a club near me (they already have done, I've just changed the date on this blog post), and they are bound to sing this song! OK is probably one of their least known and least catchy songs from their first album, but I totally understand why it was released as it shows them off more as a group. The music video coincides perfectly with it. We all want a Big Brovaz musical, and this is what this video does, puts on a Big Brovaz musical, and boy do we love it.

Big Brovaz were a six-piece group consisting of Cherise Roberts, Nadia Shepherd, Dion Howell, Randy Jackson, John Paul Horsley (J-Rock) and Tayo Aisida (Flawless). They later carried on as a four-piece and attempted to represent the UK at Eurovision. They split up in 2007, and Nadia Shepherd and Cherise Roberts became Booty Luv, who had a string of hits. Nowadays they reform for mini concerts and gigs, but they have no new material, as far as I know. I hope they have something coming soon, because the music industry need this group in the world. For now we'll have to deal with their old music, which can still be considered current. This song was written by Michael Mugisha, John Paul Horsley, Michael Brown, Cherise Roberts, Nadia Shepherd, Abdul Bello, Thelma Howell, Temi Tayo Aisda.

This music video is mainly a performance piece as Big Brovaz perform on a stage. Turning the entire song into a quick musical making us all wish we could buy tickets to see this said theatre production.

All six group members perform with their usual energetic vibes, taking us back to "Nu Flow", except this is on stage, with a great reaction from the crowd.

Interesting and engaging, this group never fails, with perfect dancing choreography, in sync with the professionals, they pull this off easily.

Overall, a great music video, that we hope suggests a future musical down the line, this is what we want. Well, we want the group to fully reform and release new music, but a theatre production is something we could all settle at... Yet that also seems just as unlikely, but we can keep hoping and dreaming!
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