Chart Mondays: Clean Bandit Featuring Louisa Johnson - Tears

July 25, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Once again Drake is at the top of the charts with "One Dance" which still has no official music video, come on Drake what are you playing at? So the UK top 10's music videos are available for me to review this week. I picked this song because I've been ignoring it for a while because of the stunning hit the song is. Clean Bandit makes a solid return with the most recent X Factor winner Louisa Johnson in this incredibly visual music video.

Clean Bandit are an instrumental pop band consisting of Jack Patterson, Luke Patterson, Grace Chatto and Neil Amin-Smith, They have had various hits especially with Jess Glynne on tracks "Rather Be" and "Real Love". They are always hitting the charts hard because no other band is doing what they are doing, it's innovative and all-so clever. They have made a massive mark on the music industry and they are not going anywhere. The featured singer if Louisa Johnson, who won the 12th series of The X Factor, which was the most recent series. She was one of the stars from the get-go, and her vocal talents are unbelievable, and this track doesn't show them off fully, yet adds to her versatility. Many have said it sounds like a Eurovision song, both as a winning song and as a catchy unnoticed song. I vote Clean Bandit as the next UK Eurovision representative! The song was written by Sam Romans and Jack Patterson.

Directed by Jack Patterson, yes that's right Clean Bandit's own Jack Patterson, this video is completely stunning with amazing visual effects and scenes that definitely captures the intensity of the song. It also features Hedwig, the snowy owl from Harry Potter, apparently.

This video has it all, flamethrowers, Hedwig, rain, water, smoke, dancing, singing, instruments and fire. What more can you want? Literally Jack Patterson threw it all in, and it really worked.

A stunning music video to match Louisa Johnson's stunning vocals. The choreography is in time with the music, and performed professionally. The band and the vocalist perform emotionally, who wouldn't want to see these people live? Even without all the effects going on around them, their energy is the electricity that fuels this entire thing.

There's a lot going on but little more I can comment on. Overall it's in-depth intensity with a visual concept that works fluidly with the song. They have literally captured the music and turned it into a conceptual art piece.
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