Booty Luv - Say It

27 July Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This was supposed to be the start of the return of Booty Luv, it was planned as the first single from their second studio album, yet the low charting position (number 16 is far from low if you asked me) suggested the end of the second album, which got cancelled and therefore scrapped. This was a new direction for Booty Luv and it's such a shame we didn't see how this could have developed. Booty Luv are sexed up and loving life as they finally have a high budgeted music video for "Say It" which became their last charting single.

Booty Luv, consisting of Cherise Roberts and Nadia Shepherd, had a string of hits after their group, Big Brovaz, split up. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be and although they tried to make a great comeback in 2013 with "Black Widow", it never pushed them back into the limelight enough to carry on their career. This song was written by Carl Björsell, Didrik Thott and Sebastian Thott.

Directed by Emile Nava, and set in a luxury hotel that literally has everything, the girls settle into a character role that seems similar to the young doppelgangers found in their previous music video "Don't Mess With My Man".

Crazy and over the top the video heightens on men's desire of Booty Luv and how they never build up the courage to say something. Not that they are giving these guys a chance to do so.

The song tells guy to go and say that they like them, to just come out and say it. But life is never that easy, especially in a club, or just in a corridor or at an event as this video suggests. However confidence gets you everywhere, even in my books. Pluck up the courage and just say it.

Fun and sexy the girls put so much energy into this video, however they look a little possessed, over acting everything which totally makes this video slightly off-putting. There's a lot to like and a lot to not like about this video, I am one of Booty Luv's biggest fans, but their videos rarely engage. This should've worked well, but it just fails completely, over done and overly emphasised.
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