Italy Entry: Emma - La Mia Città

August 03, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Back to my Eurovision posts, since the 2017 contest isn't so far away now. This is Italy's entry into the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, Emma scored 33 points placing her 21st in the contest. "La Mia Città" means 'In My City' in English. A strong vocal for this song, the video doesn't accompany it that well. Emma goes all out for this performance-based music video for "La Mia Città", with different fashion styles.

Emma, full name Emma Marrone, is a prolific Italian singer, with many singles and albums to her name. She has made such a massive career for herself in her own country, it's surprising she hasn't tried to become internationally known, although I guess you could say she gave it a try by competing in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Since then, she hasn't done much, but I'm guessing she is working on a new album. The song was written by Emma Marrone.

Directed by Leandro Manuel Emede and Nicolo' Cerioni, this video is a visual performance piece with very little going on. Styling by Nicolo' Cerioni, the outfits that Emma wears are eccentric including a Minnie or Mickey Mouse costume that is totally over the top and yet Emma pulls it off perfectly.

Totally eccentric but you know Emma could give the perfect performance on a stage, you'd totally want to see her live and this is exactly what this music video does.

Yet it has no substance, flavour and nothing to keep the viewers interested. This music video is way too simple considering the strong song and vocal that goes with it.
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