The Pretty Reckless - Take Me Down

22 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The Pretty Reckless released their new album titled "Who You Selling For" this week, and this is the official first single from the album. After reviewing the album on CelebMix, I thought I might as well continue reviewing one of my favourite bands, amongst many! The Pretty Reckless give a perfect performance in this music video for "Take Me Down", filmed in black and white with a red filter which sets the mood well.

They are a four-piece rock band consisting of Taylor Momsen, Ben Phillips, Mark Damon and Jamie Perkins. The band have been popular here in the UK ever since their first album! They've always done well and some of their best songs were their first singles. However, like all bands, they have developed. Personally, their new album is their best one to date, although if "Wild City" doesn't become a single and get a music video, I'll be very disappointed! This song was written by Taylor Momsen & Ben Phillips.

Directed by Meiert Avis, this pure performance music video has so many energetic vibes, you can tell this band was meant to perform on a stage!

It may be in black and white, but I love the use of the red filter. It prevents the video from being boring, and instead lightens it up and makes it much more interesting.

This video really shows what The Pretty Reckless are like on stage. I love the use of backing singers, and the entire band manages to draw the audience into this video, However, the song would be perfect for some sort of narrative. It's consistent energy but the video doesn't go anywhere.
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