Keke Palmer Featuring Big Meech - Keep It Movin'

November 17, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Now this is the Keke Palmer we're used to from her films and TV characters. I can definitely see Zayday Williams from Scream Queens in this version of Keke Palmer. However, I'm loving her new direction in music "Hands Free" is total fire! Today is revisit Thursday, and so I chose Keke Palmer since I never even knew she was a singer. I had four music videos to choose from, but I chose this one because it's the only single that has charted in the whole world... More on that later, though. Disney star, Keke Palmer, clones herself twice and they performs in an animated world, turning it into a Keke Palmer trio, plus rapper Big Meech in a stage scene in the music video for "Keep It Movin'".

Keke Palmer, real name Lauren Palmer, is an actress I'm currently seeing weekly on my TV screen. She plays Zayday Williams in Scream Queens, although she has been in plenty of other films and TV shows that you may recognise her from. As for her musical career, it hasn't really kicked off the way people, clearly, expected it would. This is the only single that has charted in the whole world, how it managed to hit number 30 on the Portuguese chart, I have no idea. The featured artist is Big Meech. Who is Big Meech? There is no information on him whatsoever. He never followed up with any more music releases, although many get him confused with another rapper with the same name. As far as I can tell, he went under the name of Meech for a while and went as far as releasing song "Thicka Than A Snicka", but nothing else since. The song was written by John Stary, Jeffrey Paul Allen, Mischke J. Butler, and Dametrice Cilek.

The music video was directed by James Larese, using a green screen to transport Keke Palmer into an animated world.

Edited amazingly, it's clear a lot of effort went into this, as well as Keke Palmer performing three times over in different outfits so that it looks like she's cloned herself. It's quite surprising to see Keke Palmer as three different people, all singing and dancing together. Definitely kudos to the editing team on this one.

But that's as far as the kudos stars go. It's just not that interesting. Her target audience was clearly children, but this is a forgettable music video, regardless of whether it was in or not. Finally, Disney waivers from your typical Disney star and we have a potentially great R'n'B Disney star that doesn't hit it off because of lack of promotion.

Keke Palmer deserved better than this; however, she kills the dance sequence, the performance piece and her acting ability clearly shines through. Big Meech, or Meech, doesn't do a single thing to help this video, he's just as forgettable as the video itself.

I'm giving it kudos for relatability, and the amazing editing team behind this. Yet, that's as far as it goes. It's not at all what I was expecting. Keke Palmer could've been this big musical pop star and, granted, the music video isn't the only reason her music career didn't go so well, but it's clear that she deserved better. Now, she's released "Hands Free", and that is FIRE! She's ready for the music industry this time around!
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