Martin Solveig Featuring Ina Wroldsen - Places

17 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Places (feat. Ina Wroldsen) - Martin Solveig |

Okay, when did this get released? And, how the hell did I manage to miss it? Like, seriously? I was totally obsessed with the song when it got released - I reviewed it for CelebMix - but this video was rolled out afterwards and I completely didn't see it. But now I have, and it's ready to be reviewed by me. This song is now currently stuck in my head because it is that awesome. Watch model Arizona Muse walk around Ibiza and goes clubbing, as models have a fun time behind the scenes with Martin Solveig in "Places" music video that doesn't show Ina Wroldsen.

Martin Solveig, real name Martin Picandet, is a French DJ who is one of the top DJs in the world. He comes in and out of the charts around the world and his catchy songs really show his ability to implant songs in people's heads. This one deserved to be a worldwide hit but comparison's to "How Deep Is Your Love" probably didn't help. The featured star, Ina Wroldsen, is super famous in the songwriting world and was even the uncredited vocalist on "How Deep Is Your Love", which probably explains the comparisons. Recently she's been building her own career in music; I have to admit, I am a fan, and she deserves worldwide credibility. With her amazing songwriting skills, I'm sure she'll become one of the biggest singer-songwriters globally pretty soon. The song was written by Ina Wroldsen and Martin Picandet.

The music video takes place in Ibiza and we watch model and actress Arizona Muse walk the streets as well as go to Martin Solveig's show at the end.

The opening shows models going live on their phones as they talk in their own language. Things get a little comedy out-of-control, but it's all just a bit of fun. Later we see them having a good time with Martin Solveig.

There are snippets of his "My House" party at Café Mambo and Pacha, showing his time in the White Isle totally reminding us that summer is never too far away.

Arizona Muse totally shines throughout this music video on her Balearic journey. She reminds me of Rachel Platten.

Overall, an alright music video showing off Ibiza. Martin Solveig has brought us another awesome song, and Ina Wroldsen is definitely one of the rising singer-songwriters to look out for... Someone this established in songwriting is bound to have some killer songs to be released in 2017. I literally cannot wait to see what the future holds for these two.
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