Chart Mondays: Starley - Call On Me

16 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Wow! So after three weeks of having no music videos to review for Chart Mondays, the UK top ten gets quite the shake up and I actually have some choice, for now anyway. Dominating the UK Singles Chart is Ed Sheeran, he's currently at number one and number two with "Shape Of You" and "Castle On The Hill", none of which has a music video just yet, which opens the top ten to my Chart Mondays music review. I chose this one as it's my type of music, plus it's the remix that has pushed the success of this song, and I love my remixes, who doesn't love a remix? Watch Starley get out of bed to perform this song, in beautiful settings and with a smoke grenade, before heading back to bed in this "Call On Me" music video.

Starley, full name Starley Hope, is an Australian singer who has released this cute song as her debut single. She has previously featured on a track titled "Into You", released by Odd Mob. She moved to London to pursue music, but later returned to Australia where she ended up getting a record deal; guess that's just the way it works sometimes. It's quickly becoming a worldwide sensation, but the bigger question is whether she can follow it up with another hit record in the future? It's the Ryan Riback remix that has launched the success of this single in a number of countries, including the UK and Sweden. The song was written by Starley Hope and Peter Wadams.

There isn't an awful lot to this music video. It's an expressive performance piece to a very cute song that is definitely going to become a defining track of 2017.

There is a slight narrative throughout that sees her singing in bed, clearly wanting that little bit of extra sleep that we all want in the mornings. Next, we see her amongst a grassy field where she runs and generally relaxes in a playful way, all by herself.

She ends up by the water where she releases an orange smoke grade which only emphasises how stunningly beautiful she actually is, before wrapping it all up back in bed amongst her comfy pillows.

It's a gorgeous visual to the song and is extremely pleasant to watch. It's not inclusive of the audience, though; some viewers may become distracted and it fails to keep the watchers engaged. However, Starley captures the camera and really gets into this song and its music video. I am looking forward to finding out what is next for Starley, she has this glowing star power that will definitely prevent her from being a one hit wonder. I'm excited about her follow-up.
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