Shenna - Air Balloons

January 11, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Another Shenna music video review, purely because I heard her album this week and reviewed it for Outlet Magazine. Awaiting publishing from my editor. The album is completely new and totally something you need to listen to in 2017. Yesterday, I reviewed "So Low", and today I shall review her first single from her debut album. Both tracks just prove her versatility because they are so different from each other; the entire album is beyond amazing, so make sure you check out my review on Outlet Magazine when it is published. Shenna hosts a party whilst she is house-sitting in this music video for "Air Balloons"; as per usual, the party gets out of hand, but what did you expect?

Shenna, full name Shenna Somsmieh, first came to my attention through a PR email asking me to review her album. This email came around Christmas time, even though the album had been released in October. I was ill all over Christmas and New Year with a chest infection, but as soon as I recovered I focused on writing about her debut album: "Made of Gold". The review is in my editor's hands at the moment and is probably ready to go out on Outlet Magazine sometime in the next week or so. This is just the start of Shenna, her unique musical talent is one that doesn't deserve to disappear from this world. This song was the first single from the album and was later followed up by "So Low".

Directed by Lawrence Turner, the music video shows the party lifestyle of Shenna; who hosts a house party when she is supposed to be house-sitting.

The intro starts with messages between Shenna and a guy, who asks her to house-sit. She later tells her friends that she has a house to herself and that some friends can come over. We all know how chaotic it can get when friends of friends invite friends. This was all to be expected from the get-go. Let's just all agree to never ask Shenna to house-sit any of our houses.

We watch Shenna performing at the party, having a great time throughout, whilst her guests also live it up. Two main performance piece scenes include her floating on an inflatable in the middle of the pool, as well as sitting on the side with various friends. She is totally relaxed and clearly in her element. Considering how different this song is to "So Low", she proves that she isn't afraid to sing different songs, and is prepared to bring it in each of the music videos.

The ending sees the house owner return, totally unimpressed with Shenna hosting a party. All the guests run from the venue in a comical way. At the very end, there's a look between Shenna and the person who owns the house, before she hops into a car and is driven away, leaving a guy with a guitar running and screaming after the car. Fun, slightly relatable and quite amusing; this just shows Shenna off in a great light. Keep an eye on her this year!
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