Shenna - So Low

10 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I have recently submitted an album review of this artist to my editor at Outlet Magazine, and so I thought I might as well promote her on my blog since she has a killer voice with a unique sound. Shenna is a rising star and her unique songs show off her versatility and ability to make any song her own. Her album is definitely one you need to listen to in 2017, so look out for my review on Outlet Magazine, coming soon. Watch Shenna perform "So Low" in a projector-themed quirky performance music video that is totally mysterious and completely interesting.

Shenna, full name Shenna Somsmieh, is a new artist on the scene, she dropped her first record in 2014, and it has been an uphill battle ever since. But just last year she released her debut album, which is like nothing I've ever heard before, totally unique and out-of-this-world. Shenna is one of the ones to watch for 2017, I'm totally calling it now! Her beautiful style and gorgeous looks fit perfectly with her brilliant vocals and flexible sound. This song was her second single from the album after "Air Balloons" which I shall be reviewing tomorrow.

Directed by Moon Culture, this music video is a pure performance piece that totally shows Shenna's stage presence. She totally captures the camera in this music video and proves she is supposed to be in the spotlight.

The projector is quite distracting but shows two images together. We know someone is watching himself on the projector, which makes it an intricate scene.

As for the main performance piece, Shenna shines throughout. She has this stylish presence about her. She adds some great quirks including dance moves and emotional faces to help get who she is across to the audience.

As a complete package, the "So Low" music video is different and intricate, much like the song itself. It relates perfectly and easily shows Shenna in a brilliant light. I hope to hear more new music from Shenna this year.
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