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Blessed With Love - Saara Aalto |

It's Thursday, so it's time to look back on a music video that is 5 years old or more. My only option, really, this week, was Saara Aalto, and I'm glad to be revisiting her since my previous review has had a lot of hits and is currently one of my most viewed posts this month! Saara Aalto will be performing at Birmingham Pride 2017, hence why she's a part of my Birmingham Pride Special. She probably won't be singing any of the songs she has released officially in the past few years, and I fully expect to hear her sing cover versions; I am definitely hoping for Sia's "Chandelier" since she never sang that at The X Factor Tour, which was a complete disappointment, I needed to hear her sing that song. This one is just as impressive though, her range is amazing. Watch Saara Aalto unleash energetic performance vibes, as she sings this ballad debut single "Blessed With Love" that is certainly filled with a lot of heart.

Saara Aalto is an inspiration to us all. She never ever gave up on her dream and her love of singing. She has built her career up and up, and it just shows that if you carry on, if you keep fighting, you can make it. Her voice is stunning to no end. She competed in the thirteenth series of The X Factor, which is where most people from the UK know her from, where she ended up as the runner-up. Coming second is something she's used to, she came second on the first series of The Voice of Finland, and she's also been runner-up twice at Finland's national selection to Eurovision in 2011 and 2016. The show was called Euroviisut, in 2011, but in 2016 they went for a different approach which was called Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu. It was with this song that she competed and came second in Euroviisut 2011. The song is good and catchy; Finland missed out on a good one with this. The song was written by Saara Aalto.

The music video is a pure performance visual, with a slight longing narrative included. She's a stunning performer even five/six years ago.

It's hard to give out a strong performance behind a piano, and only the best of artists manage to pull it off, and it's clear from the get-go that Saara Aalto is one of those artists. She fully brings it, like no other artist, and she definitely had stage presence, even back then. How she never made it to Eurovision, I'll never know.

She looks as if she's in a castle, which goes well with her fairy princess personality. There is clearly a lot of longing in this music video, and she is fully passionate about the song and its portrayal. It's so nice to see her giving it her all but controlling her voice and her acting throughout.

Overall, this music video just proves that Saara Aalto has always been a full-on talent. She's definitely a future international star, and she has recently signed a five-album deal with Sony Music UK and Sony Music Finland. I'm excited to find out what the future brings for her, surely she deserves a hit and I hope one gets released when she's ready. Her voice is amazing and deserves worldwide attention.
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