Jonas Blue Featuring RAYE - By Your Side

April 12, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

By Your Side (feat. RAYE) - Jonas Blue |

Continuing on my Birmingham Pride Special is Jonas Blue, although RAYE has also been confirmed for Birmingham Pride 2017. So I am kind of expecting to see them on stage together at some point, that's if I'm at the main tent when either of them are on. Jonas Blue would be an incredible DJ to see live, and I hope I get the chance to see him at Birmingham Pride 2017. This song hasn't faired so well on the charts compared to his previous singles, I just don't think it's as catchy as say "Perfect Strangers" or "Fast Car". Another music video that doesn't exactly relate to the song, which sees a woman dancing like no one's watching to this awesome club track by Jonas Blue featuring RAYE titled "By Your Side".

Jonas Blue, real name Guy Robin, has really made quite the name for himself with his awesome hits. He's definitely a DJ worth keeping an eye on, and I'm interested in what his Birmingham Pride 2017 set is going to be like, especially since he has released "Fast Car" in the past which was a reinvention of a classic song. I also love "Perfect Strangers", but this song just doesn't do it for me, and I hope he releases another awesome song soon. Featured on this track is RAYE, real name Rachel Keen; she's definitely a rising British star, with some amazing songwriting credits behind her. She followed this song up with another feature on Jax Jones' track "You Don't Know Me" which has charted much higher than this one. It's clear that RAYE is ready to make her mark in the music industry, so be prepared. This song was written by Guy James Robin, Grace Barker, Jason Pebworth, George Astasio, and Jon Shave.

Directed by Arni and Kinski, the music video doesn't relate to the song all that much, if at all. It just looks like we're watching the wrong visual.

I feel like they attempted a narrative at the start, but it didn't go according to plan. We watch a woman get up from beside, what looks like, a campfire. It looks like she's waited all night for a guy who hasn't turned up - there's the start of a potential narrative.

But then the rest of the music video loses any sign of the narrative as we watch her run on the road and dance freely while the editors impress with the background imagery. There's also a water scene that looks serene and freeing but doesn't relate to the song.

I just feel like this music video as a whole is out of place, with no thought gone into it regarding the song itself. Sometimes a good music video will ensure a song is a hit and vice versa. Maybe if the video was better this song would have charted much better globally.
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