Nadia Rose - Skwod

April 23, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Skwod - Nadia Rose |

WOW! This surprised me, well done Birmingham Pride at getting this act for the main stage tent, she's going to nail it on the day, as this song is pure fire and I'm glad that it is a part of my Birmingham Pride Special. Nadia Rose is proving that the UK really does have great female rappers and she's one of a few rising stars that people are talking about. This video was shot in one exact take. Watch Nadia Rose walk down the street with a group of dancers in tow proving that she's one of the leading UK female rappers in this music video for her song "Skwod".

Nadia Rose has pretty much just launched onto the music scene, having dropped her debut EP in January 2017. She is the cousin of Stormzy; yet, with her brilliant voice, she's totally going to become a star in her own right. So far, she has released three official singles from her debut EP. I reckon more new music isn't far away and an album will follow. I truly believe she'll release a hit single in the future; so I suggest you keep your eye on this female rapper.

Directed by Reece Procter, the music video is shot in one complete take and sees Nadia Rose walking down the middle of a street with backing dancers. She sings along to the song and dances with her dancers.

It's a very cool music video, with Nadia Rose coming off brilliantly. She has this relaxed vibe about her, that I hope I'll be able to see her unleash across the crowd whilst on the Birmingham Pride stage. Yet, there is one major problem I have with this music video.

She's not in time with her backing dancers. There are many reasons why the choreography looks unpolished; sometimes it's meant to be, sometimes the artist hasn't practised with her dancers - which would explain why it looks like she hasn't got a great relationship with them; or maybe, she is just rolling with her relaxed vibe which means she doesn't really care about being in time with her dancers. Either way, it still comes off well.

The announcement of her being at Birmingham Pride 2017, may have been a slight disappointment to those of us who didn't know who she was, but just watch this music video; she oozes stage presence, so I suggest you are in the main tent when she is on stage because we're all going to be in for a real treat.
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