Pink Angels - Mamma Don't Lie

April 26, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Mamma Don't Lie - Pink Angels |

There's a new girl group around, and they will be hitting the Birmingham Pride 2017 main stage in just over a month's time, and they will definitely be singing this single. The line-up for the group has been changed over and over again, and they were initially called 5Angels. The constant line-up changes haven't helped them get off the ground, but with a new name, they might just get the chance they deserve, or not - since I'm not so keen on this song. Watch this four-piece girl group called Pink Angels attempt to perform sexily with simple choreography in this music video for new single "Mamma Don't Lie".

Pink Angels, formerly known as 5Angels, are a Czech Republic girl group consisting of Natálie Skotnická, Angelina Shestak, Tereza Haklová, and Nikola Metlová. They have supported the likes of Little Mix and Union J. They definitely have some girl power going on, but are their vocals really strong enough? They seem somewhat lacking in this song, and there doesn't seem to be much of a relationship between the girls. They really need to draw in their connections to one another. It seems like they're all out for themselves, which clearly doesn't work. They could be a great girl group if they embraced it more. The song is all right, but I feel like it could've been better in itself. It was written by Andrew Murray and Alice Chatter.

Much like the song, the music video could've been much better. Directed by Sitcom Soldiers, the visual makes it out that the girls have already made it and that they are some massive girl group. Yet that is not the case and the music video just falls to pieces because of it.

The choreography is extremely basic and the girls have no enthusiasm behind the moves. They start off strong at the start but the moves come off flimsy as time goes on. There's also too much hair flicking, some of the girls nail it whereas others fall short. It just looks a total in-sync mess.

The girls don't even look like they are enjoying this music video or the song, and that really transcends to the viewers. Personally, I was much more interested in the light segmented pillar thing they were leaning against that looked like the middle bit of a revolving door - I want one, I'm not sure why but it'll look good in my room, even though I wouldn't have anywhere to put it. I hope Pink Angels bring it on the Birmingham Pride 2017 stage because if it turns out like this, then it seriously isn't going well for them.
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