New Release: Alexandra Stan - Boy Oh Boy

June 30, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Boy Oh Boy - Alexandra Stan |

I'm so glad that Alexandra Stan has a new single out, and not only that, but it has been released on a Friday! This means I can review the music video for my New Release blog, which I am ecstatic about. Breaking away from Global Records and releasing her music on Alexandra Stan Records, "Boy Oh Boy" is planned to be the first single from her upcoming fourth studio album. I have previously reviewed the song and music video for CelebMix,. The song has distinct reggae vibes mixed with 90's influence and Asian culture, all wrapped up in a modern Eurodance song that is typical of Alexandra Stan's style. The song is addictive to say the least; while the music video showcases her beautifully. Watch Alexandra Stan sing her song "Boy Oh Boy" while captivating Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in every possible light.

Alexandra Stan continues to prove that she's one of the top female artists out of Romania. Her effortlessly catchy songs are released one after another. She keeps to her style, with her voice on point throughout, whilst managing to progress and further her career. This single is a great transition single from "9 Lives", which was her last single release from her third studio album 'Alesta'. This one is a slightly new direction, showing that she has got some amazing new music on the way. "Boy Oh Boy" was written by Alexandra Stan, Marius Mirica, and Andi Grasu.

Directed by Bogdan Paun, the music video is a pure performance visual that was filmed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Alexandra Stan wanted to capture the Asian culture, the Asian people, and the Asian atmosphere; and she pulled it off perfectly, even meeting people who wanted to star in the video.

Some of the scenes were filmed at the Batu Caves Tempur, as she revealed in some of her Instagram photos. She has dropped teaser one and teaser two in the run-up to this music video. She brings her usual energy to the visual, clearly caring a lot about this song and meaning every single word.

My favourite scene is when she's walking through the street, clocking all the people around her, allowing them time in the visual. There are also brilliant scenes of what appears to be a food warehouse, displaying the food served in Malaysia - tantalising.

The song's ending bridge is beyond anything we could've imagined and is certainly the best part of the song - if only it lasted a little longer. I hope that this sort of bridge appears in many of her new songs. During this part of the video, Alexandra Stan releases all her performing vibes, easily giving the camera everything it needs to capture her beautifully. Definitely an unforgettable moment during this segment of the video.

Overall, the song is something I can't get enough of, and the music video perfectly relates to the song. I like how she wanted to show off Malaysia. It works well, although I'm not so keen on some of the colourisation filters used; it makes it slightly too dark and mysterious, which doesn't really go with the rest of the scenes.
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