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You Look Good - Lady Antebellum |

Struggling today to pick a music video to review, then I realised that I haven't reviewed this one yet. Lady Antebellum dropped their new album, "Heart Break", this week - which I still haven't listened to, but I will do when I have iTunes credit; but, I do really like this song, and I cannot wait to listen to the rest of the album; I'm sure it's so fresh so fine! This song is catchy to no end, and along with a hundred other Lady Antebellum songs, it deserves to be a global hit; regardless, it becomes a treasured hit by me. Watch Lady Antebellum sing on stage to "You Look Good" as a woman walks to the country bar and a guy checks her out; damn, she looks good and so does he. This is a must-watch music video.

Lady Antebellum are a three-piece country group consisting of Hillary Scott, Dave Haywood, and Charles Kelley. They do all right in the UK, namely their albums chart well every time they are released, but I'm so disappointed that their singles never launches into the UK chart. Why is it so hard to get songs as good as this to chart over here? They have charted well in the past, managing to soar up high with their biggest international hit to date "Need You Now", which is still played on the radio today; but, I need them to have another one soon! This song takes Lady Antebellum down a new route, adding more instruments to their songs as the video shows; this has been a controversial move as many say they aren't country anymore; however, I've always believed there have been two major country styles, there's been "country & western" and then there's been what is starting to become known as "young country"; the latter of which Lady Antebellum has always fitted in along with many country musicians who have been getting hits on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. This song deserves so much more recognition. It was written by Hillary Lindsay, Ryan Heard, and Busbee.

Directed by Shane Drake and Roger Pistole, this music video has it all. There are a main actress and actor who eye one another up in this narrative combined performance music video. Their names have not been revealed, so feel free to comment below if you know who these characters are played by.

The narrative is cleverly infused with the performance piece. Our main character, a woman, who is looking extremely stylish, walks to a country bar where Lady Antebellum is playing. As the music video continues we see that a guy is eyeing her up - he looks pretty damn fine too. They chat for a bit towards the end of the visual, before he walks off, leaving her at the bar. We then get a "to be continued..." message. Will they link up all their music videos from their seventh studio album? I sure hope so, it'll be one great narrative for the "Heart Break" album!

Once again, Lady Antebellum kills it during the performance piece. Every time I see them singing their songs, I just want to spend the rest of my money on buying tickets to see them live. Yes, they are performing in the UK towards the end of this year, but I do not have money to buy tickets yet, and I reckon that by the time that I do, there won't be any that I can afford. Regardless they ooze energetic performance vibes with excellent emotion, completely nailing the song in every way. It is surprising that the song isn't written by them since they do such a good job of singing it.

Overall, it's not surprising that Lady Antebellum has given us another spectacular music video that I just can't get enough of. I may not get the chance to see them live, but I can certainly watch this music video again and again as they are on stage totally bringing it. I just wish there was a little more to the narrative. It relates to the song, but maybe they should've chatted for longer and ended the narrative there.
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  1. The actor's name is Austin Phillips ... He is my Son.