Peking Duk - The Way You Are

08 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The Way You Are - Peking Duk |

It's time for a revisit on a Thursday, nothing new here. I decided to choose Peking Duk since this DJ duo hasn't been on my blog until this week. This song was released in the UK through 3Beat Records; anyone who knows me, knows I'm not too keen on this record label; however, it explains why I've heard of Peking Duk before because back then I was up to date with all of 3Beat's releases. The song is catchy and the music video is definitely cute, but it's understandable why this specific song never became a fully-fledged chart hit. Watch a romance unfold as bikes are stolen, a pool scene follows as well as a bed scene, before the guy wakes up alone in this Peking Duk music video for "The Way You Are".

Peking Duk are an Australian DJ duo who have definitely been making great waves with their music over the last two years or so. They consist of Reuben Styles and Adam Hyde. They've done plenty of remixes and bootlegs, and it's so nice to see them doing so well in their home country, getting the chart hits they clearly deserve. I truly believe they will have an international hit very soon that will chart all around the world, just look out for that one. This song made its way on to many compilation albums, which isn't a surprise since it was released under 3Beat Records in the UK.

The music video doesn't feature the artist, and this is the norm when it comes to DJs; however, I always feel that they need to fully tell a great narrative that includes the audience. This storyline is okay, it just isn't mysterious enough, they could've done so much more with it. If anyone knows who the actor and actress in this music video is, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

We watch a guy and a girl meet as if it's their second or third date. They hug and then steal some bikes. The clips are so cute and adorable, it makes the viewers want what they want; although a guy and I riding on stolen bicycles will certainly not look this fetching.

They sneak into a building where they ride the lift - and each other, well to the extent of kissing (we presume). They make it to the top floor where there's a swimming pool. We obviously expect them to jump right in; instead, they kiss on the pool steps and on one of the sunloungers, before heading to a bedroom for more kissing. Then, in a single snapshot, he wakes up alone in bed with just his underwear on - poor lad.

Overall, this music video has a brilliant narrative, but there are just some slight scenes missing. They don't explain how this guy and girl know each other, and why did they not jump into the pool? Like, that was a total missed opportunity. And as for the final scene, I would've liked to have seen what happened to the girl, she just disappeared into thin air, in theory. One second it was nighttime and they were kissing on the bed, the next second he was alone and it's daytime.
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