New Release: Transviolet Featuring Reo Cragun - Kaleidoscopes

June 09, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Kaleidoscopes (feat. Reo Cragun) - Transviolet |

Well, disappointingly, I can't promote Sam Feldt x Lush & Simon feat. Inna with "Fade Away" on my blog today since a music video has yet to be released, but it is coming. That song, I cannot get enough of, and I have reviewed it for CelebMix, Outlet Magazine, and Electric Mode. Instead, I chose Transviolet, who will also have their own CelebMix article about their single release and music video this weekend. They're a quirky electronic group who have really garnered my attention with catchy unique songs, and this certainly proves their magical ability to create music. Watch Transviolet go for a picnic with Reo Cragun as images of kaleidoscopic imagery is infused with these artists' performance piece in this music video for "Kaleidoscopes".

Transviolet are a four-piece electro-pop group consisting of Sarah McTaggart, Judah McCarthy, Michael Panek, and Jon Garcia. They made waves when they released their debut EP, and even garnered attention whilst being the support act for Twenty One Pilots on their UK tour. This is what made me a fan of their music because they just stormed articles on various magazines and media outlets that I follow. People might think that promotion isn't as big as it used to be, but it certainly can introduce new music to people, and that's exactly what happened here with me loving Transviolet. They're bringing a whole new different vibe, one that deserves to make its mark on charts around the globe. No one is quite doing what they are, and there's definitely something big coming from them. As for Reo Cragun, he has been growing his popularity and has had some great songs behind him. This sure was a great decision to collaborate. This song has the exact same feel as Transviolet's previous songs; it was written by Michael Panek, Sarah McTaggart, Judah McCarthy, and Jon Garcia.

Directed by Sarah McTaggart and Chris Scholar, the music video definitely falls under the low-budget category; but, believe it or not, the performers have managed to pull it off interestingly. It's been fully edited intricately, working perfectly with the song.

There are a few scenes in this music video, most of which are profile visuals of Transviolet, with Sarah McTaggart being the central spotlight. The band is all about her, and many previous bands have had problems with this sort of focused attention on the female vocalist. Then there's the picnic scene, that definitely had us in hysterics at times as fruits are used to cover faces at certain points in the song.

There are snippets of Sarah McTaggart and Reo Cragun on bicycles. This is quite cute but doesn't develop into anything. It feels like there was more to this scene but it wasn't good enough to make the cut.

Overall, they nailed this music video and kept it relatable to the song, as well as creating kaleidoscopic images from the visual to link back to the title. These images really do take me back, did anyone else have those kaleidoscope toys? Do children even know what they are nowadays? Total fun, energetic and staying true to who they are, Transviolet and Reo Cragun brought it for this music video, for sure. I am also in love with the song, although it takes it's time to build and become catchy.
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