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Step Up - Samantha Jade |

It's time for Thursday Revisit, and I thought I might as well promote Samantha Jade more and show off her debut music video, which was actually the theme song to the hit movie Step Up! It's surprising that she was a part of one of the biggest dance films ever released, and it didn't help to launch her career - however, promotion with the song is usually key when it comes to this sort of thing. I guess it's good that things didn't work out as she ended up going on The X Factor Australia and won. Watch Samantha Jade and her friends create their own "Step Up" music video in promotion of the film and its soundtrack.

Samantha Jade, real name Samantha Jade Gibbs, made it big when she won the fourth season of The X Factor Australia in 2012; which saw her winner's single "What You've Done To Me", go straight to number one in her home country. We are still waiting for an international smash from her, which we sure isn't far off. However, many people - including me - were unaware that she attempted a career way before then. This is her debut single released in 2006 in promotion of one dance film that we all know (and that launched Channing Tatum), titled "Step Up". It was the title track of the soundtrack to the film. The song was written by Diane Warren and produced by Wyclef Jean.

Directed by Scott Winig, this music video is a typical mid-00's visual, that is totally taking us back in every single way! She's seriously bringing it in the music video and it works completely.

There's not a lot to this video, however. We see her and her mates find out about a "create your own Step Up music video" promotion, and decide to do just that. They end up in front of an electrical shop and they distract the cashier as they record the video, using the equipment.

Throughout there's typical 00's dance choreography that Samantha Jade totally nails with her backing dancers. Most of this scene is in front of the electrical shop. We later see the narrative expand as she gets a message about being in the Step Up film - suggesting that she won the music video competition.

As this is a soundtrack music video, we also see clips of the film Step Up throughout. It's so great to see Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan again; reminding me of how long it's been since I've seen this film - way too long.

Overall, it's a great soundtrack music video; however, the clips of the film are way too short, and I feel like the narrative could've been broadened as it's not completely obvious. On the other hand, Samantha Jade is totally fierce and brings it in every way. I also really like the concept too.
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