Shania Twain - Life's About To Get Good

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Life's About To Get Good - Shania Twain |

She is BACK! After a massively long break, Shania Twain is here to spread joy and positivity in her first single in over five years. She's the woman who brought country music to the world and is held in high regard by many famous country singers of the world. She's been through a lot during her break from music, but it's now time for her to return and this song is definitely catchy and is one that is jovial and spreads joy to everyone. Watch Shania Twain strip away everything that reminds her of her ex with the help of a guy in a purple suit, as she turns her life around in this music video for "Life's About To Get Good".

Shania Twain is an iconic female country singer. She has a range of hits that conquered the world; even managing to hit it big in the UK, where country music rarely sees the light of day. The big question that everyone is wondering is, will Shania Twain manage to make a full-on chart comeback? She hasn't hit the main charts since "Don't" in 2005 apart from the one-off single "Today Is Your Day" which only charted in Canada and the US. This song is catchy and deserves to do well, but it's not mainstream to the extent where the song will launch up the charts. Her album might do well around the world, but if this song is anything to go by, she won't be having single chart success for a while. It has, however, charts in some countries: Canada Hot 100 at 70, the US Country Airplay & Hot Country Songs at 36 & 33 respectively; and Scotland at 91. "Life's About To Get Good" was written by Shania Twain.

Directed by Matthew Cullen, this music video exactly relates to the song, and it really works. We all want that leaflet so that we can open it up and a purple-suit guy appears and sorts out our lives for us. This visual is what dreams are made of.

The opening sees Shania Twain in a gorgeous oceanic dress as she walks along the beach, intercut with scenes of her in her house doing everyday things - like getting the post and making a cup of tea. As she goes through the post, she comes across a vacation leaflet which dares her to open it with the words "Open at your own risk".

Inside is a man in a purple suit with an entourage, the leaflet says "Change comes from within". She puts the leaflet down and the people she just saw just magically appear, prepared to help her sort her life out.

This entourage rearranges furniture, gets rid of memories about the guy who hurt her and brightens up all her rooms in the house. It's a totally uplifting visual to go with the joyful song. It works well, and we all wish this would happen to us so that we'd be walking along that beach some day or living in that beautiful house with the swimming pool - that I'm sure we've seen a few times in TV series and/or films and/or music videos.
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