Snakehips & Anne-Marie Featuring Joey Bada$$ - Either Way

August 09, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Either Way (feat. Joey Bada$$) - Snakehips & Anne-Marie |

What have I just watched? How does this video relate to this song? It doesn't! It's just a bunch of random clips put together to show diversity and real life. Although they're not bad, they don't really represent the song. I chose to review this music video due to it appearing on my YouTube Recommendations - since I'm a fan of Anne-Marie; unfortunately, she isn't in this music video but the featured star, Joey Bada$$, is. Watch a bunch of video clips that show different groups of people hanging out and having fun in this music video for Snakehips & Anne-Marie's "Either Way" featuring Joey Bada$$.

Snakehips are a DJ duo consisting of Oliver Lee and James Carter. They went viral with their collaboration with Tinashe and Chance The Rapper on "All My Friends" which charted internationally. They've had quite a successful career to date with many of their follow-ups charting around the world moderately well, and it seems this song follows suit. Anne-Marie, full name Anne-Marie Nicholson, is an inspiration to us all. She's one of those acts who has fought for her music career and fought and fought and fought. After a collaboration with Clean Bandit and Sean Paul on "Rockabye", she's finally made it! She continues to inspire all the fighters out there who are reaching for a career - such as myself - because we can all get there in the end; hard work and determination always pays off. This song features Joey Bada$$, real name Jo-Vaughn Scott, who is an American rapper and actor. He came to my attention when Kiesza featured on one of his album tracks, and he's one that will steadily grow and grow, one that will no doubt have a hit song go viral in the coming years. This song peaked on the UK chart at number 47, and I doubt it'll do better than that. It was written by James David, Julia Michaels, Warren Felder, Oliver Dickinson, and Jo-Vaughn Scott.

Directed by Hector Dockrill, this music video shows a bunch of clips of various friendship groups hanging out and chilling. Billboard asked "How do you spend your Saturdays?" and that is certainly what this music video showcases.

There are various scenes from drag queens getting ready to young adults pulling wheelies on bicycles in the streets. There's a lot of smoking and clubbing going on - the latter of which I would totally spend every one of my Saturdays doing if I had the money to do so.

Is there anything else I can comment on? Not really. There's just no substance or relatability to this music video. Nothing here that makes me want to repeat this visual, and although it shows off real life it just doesn't give me anything that I want to see.
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