Will Homewood - Weight Of Us

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Weight Of Us - Will Homewood |

Has it really been over a week since this dropped? It's now 11 October (even though I have changed the date of this post to 3 October, as I am on a determined streak to catch up with my blogging), and I'm delighted to see that this music video has received over 2,000 views to date; which is so incredible. I have reviewed this song and music video on CelebMix, with an article planned to be released on Outlet Magazine soon. This is Will Homewood's debut music video and it really showcases him as an artist and a performer. Watch Will Homewood give it his all in this stunning performance-based debut music video for his amazing song "Weight Of Us".

Will Homewood has been building his career for quite some time now. He has gained many fans in the UK after supporting plenty of artists up and down the country, including Josh Taylor and The Brooks; he also has been a part of festivals and live showcases. He will be a special guest on selective dates of The Hara's Only Young Tour. Not only that, but he also had a co-headline gig with Bronnie in Birmingham. He has released a few original songs on Soundcloud, proving his ability to write amazing emotion-filled songs. This one, "Weight Of Us", is one of our favourites that really shows off his vocals and his talent.

The music video was directed by Zak Müller. It's a pure performance visual where we watch Will Homewood performing the song. The main scene is set in a field where he sings into a microphone, the other scene sees him sitting on a windowsill, playing his guitar.

This is exactly how he brings it on stage, so I'm not surprised that he has the exact same energy during the clip. I first saw him on Josh Taylor's Hot For Me Tour and then, later, his co-headline gig with Bronnie; so I know how much passion he floods into his songs whilst on stage, and he manages to show that in this visual.

It has an air of Shawn Mendes about the song and the music video, the main scene sees him in casual fashion that certainly suits him. As for the windowsill scene, he has a much more classy-smart style that suits the song. He proves that he means every word of "Weight Of Us" - Will Homewood certainly has a bright future ahead of him.

Overall, "Weight Of Us" is an undeniably catchy song, one that embeds itself in our heads upon first listen. For the music video, Will Homewood brings it with his emotional performance, which is everything we expected from him. Yet, a narrative would totally have made this music video epic. Regardless, we're all still playing the visual over and over again - it's just too catchy.
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