Madonna - Papa Don't Preach

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Papa Don't Preach - Madonna |

I watched something the other day and there was a photo of Madonna, I actually think it was a YouTuber video; whatever it was, it made me realise that Madonna has a whole host of music videos, a massive range of visuals, and I haven't really delved that much into them. I haven't really covered Madonna on my blog much, mainly because I'm not a fan of hers, but also because I've been preoccupied with the current stars of the world. So it's time to jump into this song and video. I actually identify the song with Kelly Osbourne, since she covered it as her debut single, under the same name "Papa Don't Preach". Watch Madonna walk around New York, fall in love with a guy, and tell her father that she's keeping the baby with visuals of her childhood in this music video for her song "Papa Don't Preach".

Madonna, full name Madonna Ciccone, is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, female singers in the world. Her career has been lengthy, to say the least. She's been going for many decades and has kept up-to-date with the music in each era and managed to stay current with every new release. Not many singers have been able to do just that. As of 2017, she doesn't have any plans to release new music, although I reckon she'll make a return sometime soon, and it's bound to be massive since her last few singles didn't do as well as everyone had hoped, although the album Rebel Heart did amazingly. This song was released in 1986 and hit number one in many countries around the world. It was written by Brian Elliot and Madonna.

Directed by James Foley, this music video shows Madonna off with a tomboy look. It's intersected with a much sexier Madonna, showing two sides of her in this music video - she literally made tomboys current and fashionable. Madonna definitely had that ability back then.

It is mainly a performance piece. We watch her relationship with her father as she grows up, with her dad being played by actor Danny Aiello. The narrative plays out as we continue to watch how Madonna meets this guy who later becomes the father of the child she is carrying. Her love interest is played by actor Alex McArthur.

Various scenes correlate to the actual lyrics of the song, and the ending is adorable, how the father finally accepts what she has told him and rather than staying mad, he breaks the ice and embraces her in a hug.

As for the performance piece, Madonna sure knows how to release energy, however, it does feel distant compared to the song and the music video. The story has this massive impact on every single viewer, that the performance piece becomes a distraction, something we don't want to watch. But, because the narrative is so strong, I have to give it this rating.
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