New Release: Sam Callahan - Burns Like Fire

November 24, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Burns Like Fire - Sam Callahan |

As soon as this dropped, I knew I'd be using it as my New Release for this date, after writing up about it for CelebMix. The song has been out for over two weeks now, but this blog is backdated as I attempt to catch up on my blog posts. I have supported Sam Callahan since I stumbled across "Runaway Train", and have continued to support him as the years have gone by, he even became Artist of the Month on my blog, back when I was focusing on those posts. Now he's got another brilliant song out, and I can't get enough of it. Watch Sam Callahan walk through a forest as three women throw colour powder over him and cling to his tee, eventually ripping it from him in this sexy music video for "Burns Like Fire".

Sam Callahan is a UK male singer-songwriter who has been releasing music for many years. Most notably, he was a contestant on the tenth series of The X Factor, where he made it to the live shows and came seventh overall. Since then he has been working on new music and has been dropping a lot of teasers, we've already had "Bigger Things", which was then followed up with "I Love It When You", and now we've got "Burns Like Fire" which is an extremely addicting track. He later dropped a remix and a live acoustic version of the track. The song was written by Sam Callahan and Jamie Sellers.

Directed by Johnny Marchtta, this music video has to be Sam Callahan's best one to date, for sure. There's not a lot going on throughout, as this male singer-songwriter walks slowly through the forest. Acting as his three love interests are actresses and models Rebecca Liddle, Jo Marney, and Jazmine Martin.

Taking the "before it all blew up in my face" lyric and turning it into colour powder, this music video centres around that. As Sam Callahan walks through the forest, each girl approaches, throws the colour powder at him, clings on to him, and pulls at his t-shirt.

By the end, all three women surround him and throw powder before attempting to tear his t-shirt off him; they eventually do and we're treated to a topless Sam Callahan. We then see him wake up in bed - it was all some weird colourful dream, or so he thinks. He flings the duvet from him and we see that he's covered in the colour powder. What really happened then? Your guess is as good as mine.

Overall, it's a clever concept of a music video. It's addicting, enjoyable, and interesting in every way. They all look like they had great fun filming the video, although it's clear that Sam Callahan's necklace gets in the way at times. I hope the future music videos from this talented male singer is of the same high quality.
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