Carla's Dreams Featuring Delia - Cum ne noi

December 10, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Cum Ne Noi (feat. Delia) - Carla's Dreams |

My iTunes is always on shuffle, and this song came on and I instantly fell in love with the song. I'm currently learning Romanian through Duolingo, and some of the words completely stood out to me during the whole song. It is also extremely catchy... I just had to review the music video. It is extremely basic with both a narrative and performance side to this, with the former quite difficult to follow. Both artists shine in this visual though. Watch Carla's Dreams and Delia perform the collaborative single "Cum ne noi" while we watch various couples display their love for one another in this music video.

Carla's Dreams are an anonymous group from Moldova who have made incredible waves in Romania. They are signed to Global Records and have collaborated with many major singers in the country. They're definitely doing amazingly in Romania and they sure are maximising their popularity in the world over. This is not the only time they've collaborated with Delia; recently they paired up for new song "Inima". Delia, full name Delia Matache, is a long-running musician from Romania who has had a mighty successful career to-date. She was a part of duo N&D, which was formed with Nicolae Marin, from 1999-2003, where they released four albums. As a solo singer, she has released another four albums to-date. This song translates into English as "What We Feel For Each Other", and the English translation of the lyrics certainly spikes my heart in every way, but it's the Romanian language which allows the song to feel personal and very real from both of these artists. It was written by Carla's Dreams while production comes from Sebastian Barac and Marcel Botezan.

This music video was released on the Cat Music YouTube Channel and is mainly a performance piece with scenes and clips from a narrative that isn't easy to follow.

This is completely basic in so many ways, with Carla's Dreams and Delia giving an energetic and hypnotic performance but they are lacking anything interesting unless you count his incredible swirl face-paint and Delia's beautiful make-up. They certainly make the perfect team and Delia has incredible facial expressions throughout.

As for the narrative, there seem to be two couples throughout. The first one sees the guy working hard as the woman decides to release a smoke bomb - hence her face mask - making him see her. They then work together to diffuse, what looks like, a bomb; before working together to escape a room. In total contrast, the second couple are madly in love with one another, teasing and playing and kissing. A pillow fight occurs - don't we all wish to do that one day - and a piano session; these scenes are beyond cute.

Overall, this is a great basic music video but there's nothing to keep us interested throughout the whole thing. This video doesn't go anywhere. What makes it that slight bit worse is that additional piece of material attached to Delia that opens up to display a visual of either the couples or one of the artists; this may have looked like a great idea on paper, but in actual effect, it just looks stupid. Otherwise, it's definitely a watchable music video, although I'd have loved to understand more about the first couple's story because that doesn't make sense. The second couple are just beyond cute and saves this video in every way.
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