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21 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Sometimes - Britney Spears |

I had no idea what music video to review today, so I thought I might as well continue to review Britney Spears' music videos - one day I'll have them all on my blog, that's for sure. This is such a sweet song and music video, which followed up her massive international number one hit "...Baby One More Time"; and, although it didn't really hit the same peak positions on charts around the world, it still did amazingly with some chart numbers she hasn't really managed to hit in recent years. Watch Britney Spears be the girl next door as she watches a guy she really likes play with his dog on a beach intercut with her dancing with a troupe of backing dancers in this music video for "Sometimes".

Britney Spears is totally one of the biggest female singers in the world, she's had a lengthy career in music that's span over two decades, and she continues to bring hits and addicting songs. She recently had amazing success in Las Vegas where she had a residency that spanned four years. In 2018, she's taking that residency global with her Piece Of Me world tour. She's truly an iconic star, one everyone knows, and she's so genuine too. This song was certainly another hit for her and lead to many amazing hits that followed. It was written by Jörgen Elofsson.

Directed by Nigel Dick - who directed "...Baby One More Time" - the music video has both a narrative side and a performance side. It was shot at the Paradise Cove in Malibu, California. Her love interest is played by model and actor Chad Cole.

The music video opens with Britney Spears looking through a telescope - according to MTV the initial concept was her looking at a group of kids which leads to her having flashbacks of spending time with a former boyfriend; however, this was changed - she watches her love interest, Chad Cole, playing with his dog on the beach.

There's a lot of shots of Britney Spears watching Chad Cole, some may think it's stalkerish, but we've all been there looking and staring and watching someone we've fallen for... Years later, Carly Rae Jepsen does the exact same thing in the "Call Me Maybe" music video.

Throughout, there are scenes of Britney Spears performing killer dance choreography - this is what we constantly expect from Britney Spears and gosh does she nail it in every way! The choreography seems on the fast side, but it certainly goes with the track as a whole, and there are some iconic dance moves that we now identify with this incredible female singer in the chorus sequence.

Overall, Britney Spears gave us another brilliant music video back in the day. What a follow-up to "...Baby One More Time", and we can't help but love this side of her at the start of her career. It brings a bit of nostalgia too watching these older music videos, but I still love Britney Spears, especially her confidence to be sexy in her latest visuals.
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