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Me Gusta - Inna |

We all knew this was going to arrive on my blog at some point. INNA dropped this new single on Valentine's Day, bringing us the much awaited new single and music video. I had originally written this up for CelebMix, as well as the live performance she did of the song before "Ruleta" was released. When this failed to make it on her Nirvana album, many fans wondered if it would ever turn up, so we're all so happy to see it appear - finally. Watch INNA perform her song in Barcelona, taking up the sunshine and bringing summer fashion in the middle of February whilst including her club rocker fans in this music video for "Me Gusta".

INNA, real name Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, is one of the top Romanian female artists in the world. She's had an amazing career to date and continues to make waves all over the world. She pushes herself for every single release, just take this song, for instance. "Me Gusta" is her first song in her more-than-a-decade career that is completely in Spanish. In English, the title translates to "I Like". She proves she really is an international star, and I truly believe she needs a lot more recognition. The song was written by Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, whilst the music was produced by David Ciente.

Directed by Barna Nemethi, the music video is a pure performance visual - something we're getting used to seeing from INNA lately. Most of the scenes are filmed in Barcelona, Spain although there are some studio shots intercut throughout that are from Bucharest, Romania.

The main thing to take from this music video is INNA having a good time, she's definitely one of those stars you'd love to be friends with as she's always smiling and having fun. Not only that, but she shows us summer fashion for 2018, we've had some great fashion videos from her in the past including "Bop Bop" and "Nirvana", so it's great to see something more summery.

Now, let's go into detail about the summer fashion INNA is wearing. We've got this leopard print outfit paired with rainbow-coloured pride platform shoes - something that INNA works completely. We've got the golden-shimmering half-crop top with matching over-sized shorts that are so stunning in every way, it also has oversized sleeves which you can tell INNA adores. There's also the white over-sized fronted jacket that is loose at the back paired with white cowboy boots - just wow! There's another long-length hoodie that's in red; a black bra with shoulder flared piece that's paired with ripped blue jeans and black boots; and, finally, a silver sleeveless, backless crop-top paired with beige tracksuit long-length bottoms. Most outfits are paired with her pride shoes which we all know she simply loves to wear.

INNA loves her oversized clothes, yet that has lead to media stating she's put on weight - yes, I'm talking about that mean article by David Watt for All Noise who said she had put on weight in the "Nirvana" music video; which is flat-out wrong, INNA looks stunning in that music video, and has not put on any weight whatsoever - so this music video shows off her summer body and proves that the media has nothing to body-shame her about.

She clearly loves being in front of the camera and she just has fun with the whole thing. This energy is something she completely brings to the stage, as I know from when I went to see her live in Dublin, Ireland back in December 2016 - gosh do I need to see her again. She rubs this energy off on the extras in the music video, her club rocker fans, who just relax completely in their scenes - they too are bringing summer fashion completely.

Overall, it's another fun performance-based music video from INNA. We are getting used to seeing these sorts of visuals from her. I can't help but hope that we'll get a narrative-based or a full-on choreography-based music video from her in the future - we're waiting.
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