Chart Mondays: Ramz - Barking

February 26, 2018 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Barking - Ramz |

I've been avoiding this for one for some time as it has always ranked highly in the UK Top 10; however, it's dropping down, and since this is a backdated blog, I do know that it will drop out in a couple of weeks. At the time of this backdated blog, Drake is at number one with "God's Plan" and so that opens up the UK Top 10 to my Chart Mondays review, hence why I chose this. The song has done incredibly well, just missing out on the top position for weeks. It is a catchy song, but it's not my sort of thing, which also explains why I've been avoiding it; I am so far behind on my blog, it is now getting ridiculous, but I'm not one to give up, at all. Watch Ramz spend time with his lover around London as he sings his song after visiting a barber's shop to get his hair done in this music video for "Barking".

Ramz, real name Ramone Rochester, is an English rapper from London, who went to the University of Plymouth to study Sports Development before dropping out to focus on his music career. This track is his official debut single, and what a way to launch in the music world. He has released a few other follow-up singles that haven't managed to chart. This song clearly did go viral, it managed to chart at number two in the UK, number four in Germany, and number eight in Ireland. The main question is whether he can gain another hit, or he could just be a one-hit wonder. "Barking" was written by Ramone Rochester.

The music video starts off with a narrative but includes a prominent performance piece throughout. It was filmed predominantly in Barking, London, and features a wide range of co-stars and extras. His love interest isn't named, as far as I can tell, so if you know who the actress is, feel free to comment her name below.

There's not a lot to this music video to be fair, but it is wholly related to the song. Ramz fully brings it to the performance side of things, expressing a relaxed style whilst nailing it with his energy.

The song is titled "Barking", so of course it is set in Barking, London and this is made clear throughout the video. There's complete relation to the lyrics at times, including his teeth. The opening scene seems unrelatable since his friends peer-pressure him into having a line put into his hair.

The narration seems cute as we see him meeting up with his girl and taking her out on a date. There's nothing else to this music video though, and I can't really fault it, apart from him not really explaining the opening scene, and the narration kind of needs to be fleshed out a little bit more. The music video is now the most-watched video on GRM Daily - the YouTube Channel that the music video was released on.
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