Bud Sugar - Vampire

25 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Vampire - Bud Sugar |

I previously wrote this up for CelebMix, and I can't help but love Bud Sugar. They've just got this unique quality to them. There's no other group out in the world who are doing what they are doing and it really allows them to stamp themselves into the music industry. They have also launched their own merchandise, where they're going to print 10 t-shirts, so I highly suggest you get them while you can. They're definitely a rising group you need to keep an eye on, and I can't wait to see what the future brings them. Watch Bud Sugar show off all their energy that they'll no doubt bring to any stage whilst setting fire to a guitar in this blood-red filtered music video for "Vampire".

Bud Sugar are a five-piece British group who have found their own niche genre in music, bringing something totally new to the music industry. They consist of Dylan Elliott, Stan Hill, Live Lans, Rob da Bass, and Bacary Bax. They've been booked for a few festivals this year and I'm sure more is coming up as they start to fully establish their name. They've released two EPs so far, and no doubt another one is coming with the release of this track - which is beyond catchy. Bud Sugar are a group you need to get on board with now before they go viral. "Vampire" was written by Bud Sugar.

Directed by We Made This with additional visuals by Octovision Media, this music video is a low-budgeted performance-based music video. If there's one thing this group has, it is energetic performance vibes. They just have this power that they unleash to every single viewer, listener, and event attendee.

This music video continues to establish this vibe from them. They bring their energy completely, and then also bring their weirdness too including lighting a guitar on fire during a short instrumental ending. Bud Sugar sure know how to bring the unexpected, not just in their music, but in their videos too.

Overall, the song is catchy and the music video relates. They sing about putting their "v's up high" which becomes a concept in the music video and something I can see them getting the audience to participate in when they're on stage. On the other hand, the video quality isn't all that great, with it swapping between video sizes and the red filter is a bit on the over-the-top side; regardless, Bud Sugar's energy makes it work. The words appear throughout, making this half a lyric video, although they're not easy to follow at times.
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